Your Move Star Cards are a really great way to give kids an incentive to get kids walking, riding, scooting and skating to school regularly. Students’ cards are clipped each time they walk or ride to school. They can then be rewarded once their cards are full, or the cards used as raffle tickets for an end of term reward – it’s up to your school’s Your Move team!

It can be a good idea to allocate Star Cards to students on days that you are promoting walking, riding, scooting, skating or taking public transport to school. 

Star Cards

Ask your school champion to look out for the Star Car pack on our shop. 

10 points - 50 Cards (wallet-size)
• 2 points - A roll of string (for attaching to school bag)
• 10 points - Star shaped hole punch

How to use Star Cards

Store cards centrally in an A>Z index card box or attach to students school bags.

Your Move student, teacher or parent team members can clip Star Cards on random, regular or specially promoted days:

  1. by standing by the major school entrances or
  2. at an advertised location.

Alternatively, classroom teachers could run a morning ‘corners’ routine where everybody heads to a nominated corner for walking, riding/scooting, driving or catching public transport. A card monitor can then clip cards.

Reward suggestions

You could add the names of all of the kids who have completed a card within a term to a Your Move Team honour board. Kids could also swap completed Star Cards for:

  • Faction or house points
  • Free or discounted item from canteen
  • Ten minutes bonus recess
  • Raffle prizes such as rewards from the Your Move website online shop

Tips for getting started

Promote an event day to launch the Star Card e.g. Fume Free Friday.

Begin with a regular weekday to build a critical mass and then shift random days.

Order a quantity of cards that existing active travel numbers on a special event day.

Three happy kids walk down steps through school

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