Your Move is a free program run by the Department of Transport that supports individuals, schools and workplaces to start swapping a few car trips each week for walking, riding a bike or catching public transport.

Our website supports the program by providing individuals with handy tips and information to find out what's on in their local area and discover what other people are doing to get more active as part of their daily routine.

The website also helps schools and workplaces plan activities, write stories about what they did, find out what others are doing and earn points to redeem for some great rewards.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below cover the essential elements of the program and website. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please contact the Your Move team.

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I've registered my school or workplace. What do I do next?

Hi, Welcome to Your Move.

Here's some things you should do next:

  • Invite others as contributors or co-champions to help manage your planned activities together.
  • Add some achievable activities to your 'Activities page' that you might like to complete (write your first story is a good one to start with).
  • Earn points by writing your first story and outlining your goals for the year or tell us about something you’ve already done (remember to tick it off as an 'Activity completed').
  • Start a survey to get an idea of how people travel to school or work. This helps identify goals and activities that will help you achieve them.
  • Check out our 'Whats on' page to see whats events are coming up.

Also, have a good read of the amazing other stories that other Your Move champions have written and get inspired!


How do I share my school or workplace's public profile with others?

To share your public profile page with parents, teachers colleagues or stakeholders:

  • Go to the top of your 'Dashboard' and click on the link circled below
  • Then simply share the URL at the top of your web browser.

What's my dashboard for and how do I use it?

Your Dashboard is your personal hub, displaying all the critical information you need to see how your school or workplace is tracking – at a glance.

Under the heading “How your organisation is tracking”, you will see a number of graphs and symbols.

Your dashboard is where you go to see the latest stories, share what you've been doing lately, and celebrate your successes. You can also check your organisations latest results, scroll down to see the latest leaderboard and top stories, see how your tracking against other organisations, download reports, invite others to collaborate or start a Hands up Survey (schools) or a Travel Survey (workplaces).

  • On the far left a bar chart provides some stats about the amount of points you have earned recently: your best month, last month, and the current month
  • Next is your current accreditation. Please scroll down this FAQ page for an description of 'How Your Move accreditation works'
  • The third icon from the left allows you to view reports of recent or current travel surveys
  • On the far right is your current redeemable points balance (the amount you have to spend) and a button to visit the Redeem Points page

Annual leaderboard points
Each year schools and workplaces compete on the leaderboard as they earn their accreditation for Bronze and above. Your aim is to complete as many activities as possible, write a story about how you did it and tick it off as "The first story about an activity we’ve just completed"

How do I earn points?

You can earn points by:

Doing activities and linking them to  Stories you publish on the Your Move website.

You can earn bonus points for your story by:

  • Clearly listing the steps you took to do the activity so others can replicate it
  • Including photos that show what you did and how you did it
  • Write a short reflection on the lessons you learnt along the way - what did and didn’t work
  • Include observations of changes in travel habits
  • Testimonials, personal stories, results or data
  • Share anything you have created, such as action plans, lesson plans, artwork or quiz questions 
  • Innovative activities you've come up with will earn bonus points!

Completing an activity and ticking it off when posting your story can earn lots of points for your organisation as well.

  • Champions need to first select an activity on their activities page
  • Then complete an activity, write a story about it
  • Then tick it off when posting the story to earn points for that activity.

See FAQ's below for a further description of 'What activities are', and how to choose ones that are best for your organisation.

Completing a survey will also earn points for your organisation.


*Please note that Department of Transport reserves the right to modify any and all individual or organisation point balances, including accreditation levels, associated with the Your Move program.


How do I post a story?

Sharing stories is central to being an active member of the Your Move community. It also gets you points to spend on great items for your workplace or school.

The following video describes each step to posting your story.

How do I create and run a survey?

Travel Surveys are a great way to get reliable information about how people get to and from your school or workplace

The Your Move website has created online surveys appropriate for both:

  • schools - Hand Up travel survey
  • workplace - Travel Survey

Depending on the organisation type, you will have access to one or the other.

To create a new survey, simply

  1. log in to your account and go to your Dashboard
  2. click the 'Create new survey' button on the right hand side of your Dashboard, or
  3. click the 'View reports' link in the “how you are tracking” section, then click 'Create new survey'

Alternatively, scroll further down the page, and to the right you will see a link titled “Do a survey to see how people get there” i.e.

Please note that only champions will be able to access these links form their dashboard.

Tips for good surveys:

  • Give each survey a unique name so you remember when and why, i.e. First Survey, or Annual August Survey
  • Workplace travel surveys are open for one month from creation date, but should ask about one week – state this week in the title to remind staff
  • For more tips on Hands Up surveys, read our resource here

Once you have created your survey, you can view the results by heading to your Results page and clicking on the name of the survey.

What are activities and how do I choose them?

Schools and workplaces that sign up to Your Move complete activities designed to increase active travel use (then they write a story about how, why and where they did it).

Your Move has developed a comprehensive list of activities, ranging in difficulty and overall effect that you can add to your 'Activities' page (which is sort of like a 'To do' list).

To select activities, first log in and click the ‘Activities’ page link at the top of your dashboard. You'll see a few already listed, based on what you said you were interested in during your original registration.

As you scroll down, you’ll see a search field that you can use to find activities that you can complete to earn points. Type something your interested in and select from the dropdown list of suggestions. All these activities that we've added into the system have points assigned to them ranging from 10, to 90!.


If you can't find what you're looking for, under that are two links named “Add your own activity” and “Add one from our list of suggestions”

If you select “Add one from our list of suggestions”, you can choose from the activity categories described in the FAQ 'What do the activities categories mean?' below.

If you select “Add your own activity” you may write a title and description for a unique action that you wish to undertake with your organisation.

*Please note that activities you create won't allocate any points when you complete them, so it pays to have a good look though our suggestions first.

What do the activities categories mean?

Participants in the Your Move program run activities designed to increase active travel use. Your Move has developed a comprehensive list of common and effective activities, ranging in difficulty and overall effect. The many Your Move activities are organised into categories to make it easier to select activities and plan your journey.

When deciding what you will do at your school or workplace, consider including activities across each of the categories. Your Move initiatives are more likely to be successful if you include activities from each of the categories, rather than just focusing on one or two.

Get Started

This provides a few simple activities that are great if you’re starting out. These activities are easy to implement and help you get quick wins and build the momentum at your workplace or school.

Active Travel Information and Promotions

These activities focus on promoting active travel options and providing information to staff and students, such as promoting public transport or bike facilities, and including active travel options in staff inductions.

Classroom Activities

Specifically for Your Move schools, this is where you can find our quality WA curriculum linked classroom activities, with activities like Scavenger Hunts and the Walk Around Australia. Read here for an overview.

Events, Competitions and Incentives

Events, competitions and incentives are a great way to get staff and students involved in Your Move. Activities such an active travel allowance, getting involved with national events like Ride2School or Ride2Work Day is a fun, engaging way for staff and students to give active travel a go.

Infrastructure, Amenities and Fleet

Providing infrastructure for active travel plays an important role in enabling travel options. These activities involve things like offering Business SmartRiders, providing bike or scooter parking and end of trip facilities for riding and walking such as lockers, showers, irons and hair dryers.

Planning, Funding and Evaluation

These activities are a bit more strategic helping you to plan for the future and build the support needed to really embed Your Move in your school or workplace. You could collect the data via travel surveys or audits, you could put together a working group.  Making a travel plan for your workplace is a great way to plan your activities for the year

Policy and Advocacy

This includes the policy and advocacy activities that support active travel in your workplace or school, such as guaranteed rides home for carpoolers, making the case for a cross-walk attendant, flexible working hours and setting up a Park and Walk initiative.

Team Building, Education and Training

Building skills and confidence in active travel, such as through bike skills workshops and bike education lessons, can make a real difference to staff and students feeling confident to try active travel. These activities provide opportunities for staff and students to upskill, and to support and encourage each other through team building.


How do I redeem points?

Points can be redeemed on any of the rewards available in our shop, accessed from your Dashboard via the Redeem Points button at the top right.


Generally speaking, 1 point = $1

Only Champions are able to redeem points in the shop.

We have endeavoured to provide rewards that will motivate people in your school or workplace to be more active, and support active transport use.

What can I redeem my points for?

You can use your points to help fund any special projects you may have that have a focus on walking, riding, scooting, carpooling or taking public transport. Think about the needs of your organisation: do you want to spend your points on smaller items in the short term to enable active transport, or do you want to save up your points to redeem on a bigger reward?

Do points expire?

Yes; at the end of each calendar year. Therefore your accumulated points reset on January 1st - ready for a new year of challenge and achievement.

Whatever your earned the year just gone is what you have to spend in the year coming up, i.e. If you earned  (and did not immediately spend) 100 points during 2017, those points will expire on December 31 2018.

See this blog post for more information relating to points in 2018.

How many points do I get for a story?

Published stories automatically receive 4 points, with 3 points awarded for each of up to five photos. The content of stories is awarded bonus points by the Your Move team.

Maximise your bonus points by including:

  • Clear steps to do the activity so others can replicate it
  • Photos that show what you did – this can be of planning sessions, competition entries and all the action on the day
  • Reflections on the lessons you learnt along the way - what did and didn’t work
  • Observations of changes of travel culture e. stories or results and data
  • Share anything you have created, such as action plans, lesson plans, art work or quiz questions
  • Innovative activities will earn bonus points
  • Associating a story with an activity. Note: Champions need to first select, then complete an activity and add it to the story before publishing in order to earn points for the activity. See “How do I link an activity to a story” in this FAQ for instructions on how to do this.

Where can I see how many points I have?

The balance is displayed in the right of your Dashboard. 

Annual leaderboard points
Each year schools compete on the leaderboard as they earn their accreditation for Bronze and above.

How do I link an activity to a story?

We want to give you points for the activities you complete! To make sure you get those points, you must ensure you have linked an activity to the story you are writing. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Log in to your organisation’s account, or sign up and create one for your workplace or school. You will be automatically directed to your Dashboard.

2. At the top of the page, right in the middle, you’ll see the Activities Click on that.

3. You’ll see your list of Activities, which is basically a To-Do list to plan for the months ahead.

4. Search to see if the activity you want to write a story about is there.

5. Select your choice of activity and then click Add this activity

6. You will see the activity is now on your to-do list, and you are now ready to write your story.

7. Navigate to the Stories tab, at the top of the page and click on it.

8. To write a new story, click on Write story (on the right, bright yellow button).

9. To make sure you don’t forget, before you write your story, navigate to the bottom of the page and find the question Is this the first story about an activity you’ve just completed?

10. Select Yes.

11. Underneath, select which activity this story is related to from the drop-down list. The options should match those you saw earlier in your Activities

12. You have now linked the activity to the story you are about to write!

13. Follow the instructions to write your story as per the instructions

And you’re good to go!

School please note: while you can do activities as often as you like, you’ll only earn points for each activity completed once per term (though you’ll always get points for posting stories!).

How do I let you know we have completed an activity?

The way that you complete and tick off an activity is by linking it to a story.

You do not do this from the activity page, but rather through the 'Tell Your Story page' . The following video describes each step to posting your story – the part about linking your completed activity is from 01:49

How does accreditation work?

Your accreditation level is connected to the amount of points you have earned over a calendar year (1 January to 31 December). The points you earn towards accreditation levels are reduced to zero on 1 January in the following year. This is to ensure that you can achieve each level every year. You only need 100 points to get to Bronze!

On the former TravelSmart to School website, accreditation was based on lifetime points, so this is the biggest change we've made. Don't worry, spending your points during the year doesn't mean you'll go down an accreditation level.

Your profile page displays the highest accreditation your school or workplace ever achieved and the year that this was achieved. This is displayed alongside the highest accreditation level you've achieved for the current year.

Accreditation levels are automatically updated during the calendar year as your organisation gains points. So as soon as you bump over 100 points, you'll suddenly earn Bronze! 

The levels you need to reach are as follows:

Points Required Accreditation level
1500+ Double Platinum
1000-1500 Platinum
600-999 Gold
300-599 Silver
100-299 Bronze
0-99 None


What the user levels Champions, Contributors and Participants?

Creating a team to implement Your Move shares the work load and makes it more fun. Team members can be assigned different levels to reflect their involvement and need for access to elements of the site:

Champion The default user type when you register an organisation. Champion users have full editing and posting rights for your organisation, and can redeem points, create surveys and view reports. It pays to have a few people at this level.

Contributor This user level is ideal for student leadership teams. Contributors can post stories to ‘edit mode’ for Champions to review and approve, and can comment on other stories. They cannot redeem points, invite other users or edit information about the organisation.

Participant This is the most restricted user level as they are only able to view and comment your organisation’s stories.

Contact us if you would like anyone upgraded (or downgraded) to a different level of user account.

How do we access grants?

Your Move provides information here on a range of grants and funding available for active travel projects in your school or workplace.

What are the program requirements?

The one request Your Move makes of participants is at the beginning and end of each year:

You can start a Hands Up Survey or Travel Survey from your Activities page, or from the 'Create new survey' button on your Dashboard, 

Are you having issues with your points on the dashboard?

How to reset your browsers cache? – Mac & PC

One of the most common problems we get contacted about here at Your Move is an incorrect points balance on your school or workplace profile.

Perhaps you posted a story last week, and you've logged in this morning to notice that your points haven't changed? Maybe you want to make a purchase in the Rewards Shop, but when you get there, your points balance in the shop is different to the one on your dashboard?... Weird huh?

This problem is usually related to one of two problems: 
1) You might need to refresh your cache 
2) You might need to update or change your internet browser*

Your cache stores previous versions of the websites you visit, which means the next time you go to those websites, they will load quicker. This is usually a good thing, however, sometimes the cached version doesn't pick up the changes that have been made since you last visited (i.e. it doesn't realise that points have been added or subtracted from your balance). This can often be a problem on computers that don’t get updated and patched regularly.

The good news is, it's very easy to refresh your cache. Just check out this handy web page to find out how to do it on all types of computers and browsers.

*We have found that Google Chrome or Firefox work best as your default 'Your Move browser'. It shouldn't matter too much if your computer is regularly updated but, if you're experiencing some issues, try using Chrome or Firefox first to see if it makes a difference.

How does Your Move calculate the percentage change stats?

The percentage change for each mode has been calculated using the 'odds ratios' formula.
To summarise, the ratio of the specific mode out of the total of all modes (e.g. car : total) was calculated for each time period. And the percentage change between modes at each time period (e.g. car in August 2017 compared with car in November 2018) was calculated using the formula 1- post / pre (e.g. 1 minus the ratio of Car in November 2018 over the ratio of Car in August 2017). These statistics were checked by third party statisticians and are the most valid way of comparing this kind of data set at two different time periods.
Note: for modes that were zero at either time period, the calculation of percentage change is not possible.

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