Define your issues and make a plan

Define your initial issues that you face, and identify barriers and solutions.

Then write a story identifying several barriers you might face in:

 - (a) using active transport to travel to school/work 

 - (b) in implementing the Your Move program. 

Plan which activities you'd like to complete first in your organisations' Your Move journey. This could involve meeting with other volunteers in your school or workplace to talk about what your want to achieve in the first few months. Brainstorm solutions to combat these barriers.

Remember to add these to your Activities page on the website so that you can earn points for them when you complete them and write a story about it.


It might help to talk with the Your Move team at DoT to have an initial brainstorm about what you’d like to achieve through Your Move, and which activities would help you achieve this. Check out our resources list and the suggested activities to see what inspires you!

Check out our extensive resources list to read about some great activities you could try then write a story defining the top three or four activities you have planned.

Schools can check out the excellent resource "Getting Started - A winning Formula and Inspiration for Success".