Volunteer power

If you want more kids to walk and ride to school, you're going to need some help. Harnessing the help of volunteers can really help push a program like Your Move to new levels. A volunteer might be a student, teacher, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or community member. They could have an interest in health and fitness, road safety, active transport, sustainability, tackling traffic congestion, community building or outdoor play. Getting more people involved in the Your Move program gives Champions an opportunity to share the workload and make new connections. Who knows, after helping out with a couple of Your Move events and activities, your volunteer may even want join the Your Move team full-time! Perhaps there's another Your Move Champion in your school community.

If you manage to use the power of volunteer support to supercharge Your Move activities or events, tell us about it. We'd love to hear about who they are, how you got them involved and what role they played on the day. This kind of information could be helpful for other Champions, so be sure to tell us about the volunteers supporting your program. 

Click here for a handy resource about harnessing volunteer power.