Travel to School Parent Survey

Fiona Angelatos
Geraldton PS

Really happy with 45 respondents completing our survey (questions mostly based on Your Move template). We provided a bike shop voucher incentive, with the winner being able to provide his daughter with a much-needed bike lock!

Some handy insights and feedback have been gained and being responded to by our committee. eg. 50% of respondents stated safe travel route maps would be useful, so on our social media platforms, we are proving the Your Move Journey Planner; nearly half of our respondents live more than 5kms from school and 30% asked for ideas, so we are providing a case study of a family who park and ride, as well as running the same as a 'taster' on our Ride (or skate, scoot, walk) to School Day where we will offer a group meet and ride from our Foreshore. About half of respondents requested safe travel to school maps so we are directing them to the excellent Your Move Journey Planner tool to assist them in this.

I think our survey is comprehensive and useful, in which we also had a couple of health promotion officers contribute and help refine questions. Happy to share our survey template, to other schools if interested (to save precious time).

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James (Your Move)

It seems you are ahead of me on the idea of the P&R being a pilot - great minds, hey? After you have linked in to the Journey Planner you might like to consider a variant of one of our "Map Safe Routes to School" activities. For running a parent survey you have earned 60 points, plus a bonus 10 for sharing details of the outcome. Keep up the good work!

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