IKEA Perth Your Move Working Group

Flavia Torres
IKEA Perth

IKEA Perth has started a Your Move working group, which includes a member from different units of the store, including sales, P&C, marketing, operations and logistics.

The Your Move working group is part of the sustainability team in the store, which focuses on promoting sustainable living through tangible actions.

The first task for the working group was to complete a strategy for FY21. Through the strategy process, we have come up with five actions to help us in our journey to become more sustainable commuters. Our goal is to reduce our car usage by 10% in FY21. We will have internal communication, competitions, challenges and recognition to encourage our co-workers to participate.

The next task for our working group is to finalise our program launch and set-up a timeline for our actions.

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James (Your Move)

Hello again Flavia. Wonderful that your YM working group is up and running - and even better to see that you are all such smiley happy people! You have earned 25 points for kicking off your working group, 15 points for your planning session and another 10 for sharing all the extra details (btw what are the 5 actions?). Remember that you can give us a planning update each quarter to earn another 15 points for each. I look forward to hearing about your launch when that kicks off - when is it proposed for?

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