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Brett Webb

Running Club

This term we have had a large number of students participate in running club at Miles Park. We have also had a good number of parents joining in the club, even a member of the Your Move team! Students have had their runs tracked and timed with QR tags, given them a bit more motivation to improve each week. Last Thursday was one of the more wet days which still didn't deter some of our more keen runners ;).

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Brett Webb

The Great Veggie Crunch

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Students from all over Australia participated in the ‘Great Veggie Crunch’ last term. Notre Dame was one of the many schools involved on Tuesday, 4 September, trying to make the loudest possible crunch sound we could with our fantastic veggies. I would like to thank Caroline from ‘Belmont Community Vibes’ for donating some fantastic fresh veg for the kids and staff to eat on the day. It’s a great way to come together as a school and remind ourselves of the importance of the crunch ’n’ sip program and a healthy lifestyle. It’s fair to say we definitely were crunching like crocodiles by testing out the new crunch ‘o’ meter app online (picture below). Your Move prizes were also handed out to students showcasing healthy attitudes and behaviours and answering healthy lifestyle questions. I would also like to thank the fantastic crunch helpers and the year 4 group who helped with handing out plates of veggies to classes, setting up for the event and handing out prizes.

Notre Dame will be looking to get ready to go for 2019 with the use of parents and students to assist with the Your Move events for next year. We will be conducting a survey towards the end of the term to assist with planning for next year.

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David (Your Move) Paddon

Year 2 Constable Care Safety School Visit

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Earlier in Term 4, our Year 2 classes visited the Constable Care Safety School where we learnt all about road, bike and pedestrian safety. The students had a great time and we'd like to thank the parents that came along to help. Below are some photos and comments from the students that took part in the excursion:

"I went on an excursion with Year Two. It was fun. My favourite part was riding the bike and playing on the iPad. The other class got the iPad first and my class got to ride the bikes. We also had a treasure hunt there. I was very excited going there." (Francheska)

"On Monday 15 October the Year Twos went on an excursion to Constable Care Safety School. First, we listened to Prue speak about road safety and how it is important to have certain features on your bike. It is illegal not to have a bell on your bike. A stand is a good feature to have on your bike. When riding a bike you should have a helmet on your head. Next, we split into our classes and our class learnt how to use an iPad app. We used the app to follow a map with our group leaders. One of the places we went was called Powerline. It asked us about how far we needed to be away from the line. I answered the question correctly, 8 metres. After recess I got to ride a 20inch bike. I had a booklet that asked us to stop at a stop sign, trac light, railway crossing and a give way sign. As we went through all of them we got a stamp in our booklet." (Jessica)

Y2 Constable Care Visit 2.jpg
Y2 Constable Care Visit.jpg

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Brett Webb

Lets Ride at Notre Dame

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2017-08-29 12.10.54.jpg (1)

This week, students from year 4 took part in their first Let's Ride bike education session. The students came in to their first session well prepared with a safety briefing from the Let's Ride team a week prior to starting. This helped students understand the importance of bike and helmet checks prior to riding. The students were introduced to slalom riding, scanning behind and the importance of slow riding...even with a bit expertise shown by the great Anna Mears. This also culminated with a slow riding race, which sounded odd to the kids to start but all ended up throughly enjoying it and learning a few important tricks as well. All of the students really enjoyed the session and are looking forward to more challenges next week.

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Brett Webb

Your Move promotion at Notre Dame

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Notre Dame has just started promoting the Your Move initiative throughout the school by conducting a survey with years 1-6 and booking in a Let's Ride 5-week program for our year 4 students. Sporting Schools, the DOT and the City of Belmont have been a great help in providing funding and assistance in this program. The need for active transport is evident based on our latest survey results. We hope to see a change when we conduct the survey again in term 4. Students are in the process of filling out submission forms to be apart of the student committee (year 4-6 students).

We hopefully look to have our student committee finalised by the end of next week, just in time before our Bike ed program starts. It is great to see so many other schools involved and the stories help with other ideas to promote this great initiative.

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