We've found that there are many good reasons to encourage people to ride to work and change some work-related car trips to bike trips. These include:

  • reducing transport costs
  • easing pressure on car parking
  • promoting employee health and well being
  • reducing the environmental impact of your organisation.

Here are some ideas for promoting bike riding at your workplace.

Build a supportive culture

Regular riders are your best resources and can offer advice about facilities and managing work clothes, ride with novices through a ‘bicycle buddies’ scheme, assist with journey planning and answer questions about riding safely in traffic.

Management endorsement

Employees need to know that their decision to cycle to work will be supported and that there is no stigma attached to riding. Management can show support by having a flexible approach to working hours and by getting involved with ride to work events.

Workplace BUGs (Bicycle User Groups)

A BUG can be formed to bring together employees who cycle to support activities at the workplace, keep members informed, and advocate for better facilities. Check out BWA's Bicycle User Groups guide here.

Join events and challenges

Join in with campaigns such as Bike Week, held every March, and Ride2Work Day held in October. These activities all provide opportunities to promote cycling through free workplace events and/or team participation in challenges and community rides.

Promote your events and programs

Promote your initiatives through posters, information boards, brochures, newsletters, and online communications (intranet and internet).  Use activities to address barriers staff may have to cycling, help staff build new skills, and to keep it fun and social.

Provide information

Making information available on riding to your workplace can help employees and visitors consider this option and plan their trips.  Information could be provided for new and existing staff including workplace building access guides, local maps which show cycling routes, and the . If you are a workplace outside of the Perth metro area, there are also maps available for some regional centres .

Offer incentives

An incentive can nudge those thinking about it to give it a go. Incentives can include a bike breakfast, an ‘earn-a-bike’ initiative, or a scheme that provides frequent riders with rewards based on either trips or distance cycled.

Riding home from work is a great way to unwind after a stressful day.

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