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Lathlain Primary School

Committee collaboration helps find new home for bike racks

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Lathlain Primary's newly established Your Move Committee's first collaboration was to help find a new home to keep students' bikes and scooters while they were at school.

Bike racks.jpg (1)

In our first meeting, team members Ian, Jenny, Luana, David and Tina listened carefully when Dorte Hansen, a representative from Your Move, introduced the program.

Our initial discussions centred on finding a new place to store students' bikes. The bike racks were kept on the junior students' grassed area and took up valuable play space. They were also in the open and subject to the elements.

The new undercover position of the bike racks will ensure that students’ bikes and scooters are not left out in the weather.

School gardener, Des erected a colorbond fence to ensure greater security and less visibility of the bikes from the senior oval and surrounding streets.

We would like to thank Bunnings Belmont for donating 20 high quality bike locks to make the students’ bikes were more secure.

The committee's next meeting will discuss Lathlain Primary's upcoming events, limiting our environmental footprint, and traffic management around the school.

Our next step is to implement the custom survey our team has created.

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Fiona Angelatos
Geraldton PS

Team Meeting with Students and Community Officer

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We have held a meeting with two students present and an invited Cancer Council health promotion officer. Actions include: promotion officer to liaise with SDEAR and City Council; seeking a bike mechanic to check over bikes during Ride to School Week; developing a 'safe routes to school map'.

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Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School

Park n Walk initiative takes the next step forward

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The Road Safety committee can finally share some exciting news. Way back in March this year, the committee and the school approached the Mayor and North Ward councillors of the City of Bayswater seeking an extension of two pathways to help our school community traverse more easily the reserve that adjoins the school. These pathways are key to the promotion of our Park n Walk initiative as families riding bicycles or on scooters, or those with prams, coming from this area are currently doing so across sand and grass.

A couple of weeks ago we had a verbal confirmation from a ward member that the pathway extension from the clubroom in the middle of the reserve to the path leading into the school bicycle cage had been approved in the 2021 budget. A blue marker on the grass this week in the position of the path tends to indicate that the job may get dome even quicker!

Also to happen this week, the school principal meet with City of Bayswater representatives to discuss the second path from the end of McCarthy Place to the pathway on Walmsley Drive. This is an unexpected bonus.

Another request that the committee had submitted to the city was for the parking embayment next to the clubroom to be marked with white lines as they were not already. This area is the ‘parking’ space in our Park N Walk initiative. Today the job was completed by the city and we now have 34 bays plus 1 accessible bay available for those who live too far to walk, ride or scoot to school. A notice has already gone out to the school families by the community FB page so let's hope we don't see quite so many cars around the front school gate this afternoon.(See below for before and after pictures.)

blue markup for furture path.jpg
Parking at Deschamp Cricket clubrooms.jpg
Before picture of parking embayment at Deschamp cricket clubrooms.jpg

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Sonja Stemler

Staff Travel Survey to gauge influence of Covid19 on travel habits

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Aurecon conducted a travel survey among employees to gauge the influence of Covid19 on travel habits. Employees were asked about:

- Their circumstances
- Their transport choice pre-Covid19 and post-Covid19
- How often they intend to work from the office when the office shut down ended
- Their favourite and most disliked aspects of their commute

The results for WA?

- Employees are more likely to walk, cycle or drive to work post covid than previously and less likely to catch public transport.
- 67% of employees intend to work from home 50-75% of the time
- The top three factors affecting travel choice are safety, convenience and travel time

This information gives us excellent insight into our employees preferences and can be repeated in future to identify any behaviour change. We will use this to focus our efforts as we launch into a number of activities for Bike Month in October and continue the Fight for Planet A!

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Rachael Roberts
Hillcrest Primary School

Climate Action is Moving

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Year 4 students have been calculating the greenhouse gas emissions associated with our travel. They have surveyed students and worked out that on average students live between 2.5-3 kilometres from the school. They have worked out that travelling to and from school in an average car creates 0.182 kg of greenhouse gas emissions.

This means that we can now calculate how much greenhouse gas emissions on average a Hillcrest PS student avoids by Walking or Wheeling to school.

On our WOW day we did a snapshot survey of classrooms from PP to Year 6 and discovered that approximately a third of the school had walked or wheeled to school that day. That is equivalent to 140 students. We know that 54 of those students came on bikes or scooters because we counted them.

So we are estimating that students avoided 140 kg of greenhouse gas emissions from participating in WOW day. Now students are keen to come up with a technological solution to record how students travel to school each day, as they come through the school gate. Watch this space!

Your Move 3.jpg (2)

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Janine Roets
Town of Cambridge

Lake Monger New Shared Path Activation

On a brisk winters morning the Lake Monger Shared Path was officially opened by the Town of Cambridge Mayor, Kerri Shannon and Justin McKirdy, Executive Director for Urban Mobility from the Department of Transport.

Lake Monger is a popular recreational destination for walking and cycling and is also used by commuting cyclists to and from the city. The Lake has great cultural significance and was used as a meeting and camp sites connected by bidi’s or trails. These bidi’s have become our modern paths and are still allowing people to access the lake and surrounding areas.

Uncle Neville Collard, an Aboriginal Elder, carried out the Welcome to Country and shared many stories about Lake Monger with the students from Lake Monger Primary School and Bold Park Community School.

We were joined by Cambridge Councillors, Cambridge Rotary and members from the public. Our Rangers and Bike Smart helped students to understand the use of a shared path.

The path was developed with assistance form the DoT's Western Australian Bicycle Network (WABN) Grant to alleviate the pressure on Dodd Street and create a safer alternative route.

Our Ranger Jo helped us create a video of the path, but it took a few takes as she had to stop a few time to explain why dogs have to be on their leads while walking on the path.

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Gavin Giles
City of Fremantle

BUG tests out Ord Street bike lanes and Attfield Street local route

Back in June this year we posted on the completion of the north bound bike lane on Ord Street. The bike lane has been put to the test by the City of Fremantle’s Bicycle User Group.

The protected bike lane has been designed to improve safety for cyclists through the installation of a series of traffic islands along the southbound cycle lane to create greater separation between cyclists and cars.

Most of the work was carried out in July in conjunction with scheduled road resurfacing works between High Street and Knutsford Street.

The finishing touches were added by the City earlier this week following the completion of line marking by Main Roads WA.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt, councilors and City staff tried out the new bike lane with members of the Bicycle User Group (BUG) during a test ride on Tuesday.

“The City is keen to promote cycling as a healthy, fun and environmentally-friendly mode of transport,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“The BUG is a group of bicycle enthusiasts in our Fremantle community who the City regularly engages with to discuss and identify possible improvements to our bicycle infrastructure.

“During COVID-19 we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people getting out there and riding a bike, and that’s something we want to continue to build on.

“Ord Street is identified as a key bike route in the City’s Fremantle Bike Plan so it’s terrific that we’ve been able to improve safety for cyclists along that stretch by installing the protected bike lane.

“People generally feel a lot safer riding a bike when there is a physical barrier between them and the traffic, so over time we plan to do more upgrades like this to encourage more people to take up cycling.”

Other works undertaken on Ord Street included widening the bike lane on the northbound carriageway through a minor relocation of the existing traffic lights at High Street, and improving the pedestrian crossing points near Knutsford Street by increasing the size of the refuge islands.

The BUG ride also included the Attfield Street local route between Fremantle Primary School and South Fremantle - to get ideas on how to improve and promote the route as a quiet, safe and attractive route. The route is part of a Safe Active Street design project underway with help from Department of Transport.

BUG post.jpg

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Janine Roets
Town of Cambridge

Smart Riders - Smart Coffee - Smart Bikes

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The Town of Cambridge has Smart Riders available to staff members to use for business trips across the City. They are encouraged to plan their journeys to take the shortest and most convenient route to their destinations by making use of public transport or walking or cycling.

We are located in a great area with great food and coffee option, but unfortunately the spots are just to far for us to walk to. Our People and Culture Section came up with a plan and brought the coffee to us. Three times a week we have the luxury of getting a coffee at our back door. This creates an opportunity to go outside and enjoy the beautiful days and view on Bold Park as well as catching up for a chat with a colleague you have not seen in a while.

Our Rangers have reduced their kilometres travelled by vehicle and increased the kilometres cycled. Various areas are now monitored on bicycles, along Lake Monger, Perry Lakes and the beaches. This is viewed in a positive light by the residents as conversations are started up easily.

Bike Month funding will be used to encourage more staff to cycle to work. A bike maintenance kit and pump is available. We have installed an additional, larger shower and larger lockers to store work clothes in, but we would like to encourage more colleagues to cycle.

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Janine Roets
Town of Cambridge

Share the Path

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The Town of Cambridge received numerous complaints regarding the behaviour of path users along Lake Monger. The circular route is popular with young and old, including walkers, dog-walkers, cyclists, mums with prams and commuter cyclists.

In a previous story we shared how our Rangers are now cycling along the paths to increase interaction and share the message of respect an consideration. We also installed signs along the paths to Share, Respect and Enjoy the paths. Thank you to the City of Busselton for allowing us to use their designs and allowing for consistent messaging across different areas.

Lake Monger was also pictured on the ABC's Facebook page discussing whether we all share paths nicely or not and how being considerate and observant goes a long way.

How to share paths are further reinforced through our Schools Bike Education program presented by Bike Smart. Students are taught to say thank you and give way to others. During a cycling excursion around Herdsman Lake a member of the public complimented the Floreat Park Principal on the behaviour of students who applied the principles.

More signs will be installed around the Town at hot spots and comments and suggestions from the public are always welcomed.

Cambridge ABC.png
Cambridge ABC2.png

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Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Car Park Improvements (1)

After much lobying a new pedestrian ramp was installed to make it safe for families to walk up the ramp into the school car park.

The Kiss and Drop area was revamped with extra signage to make to clearer for parents/ guardians to follow.

Pathways were also constructed to help people walk when they were entering the school. This encouraged a lot of people to not walk through the garden beds.

car park.JPG (2)

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