Many people get to and from work by public transport. In Perth we have an integrated system covering train, bus and ferry services all operated under the Transperth brand. For more information on Transperth network check out their website

Why promote public transport?

By encouraging staff to use public transport, employers can:

  • Reduce transport impacts and worksite parking demand
  • Promote employee health and wellbeing through physical activity (walking or cycling to stops), making better use of travel time and reducing their travel costs.

How to promote public transport?

There are many ways to promote public transport in your workplace.

Use workplace media such as your intranet, staff newsletters and noticeboards to promote awareness of public transport services and build using public transport as a positive norm. Staff inductions and workplace relocation can also provide an opportunity to promote public transport for work-related trips.

Messages to communicate with staff could include:

  • Colleagues use public transport - Use personal profiles to showcase employees who catch the bus, train or ferry to commute to work or for business trips
  • Local services – highlight proximity of your workplace to bus, train or ferry services, this could include high frequency services, free transit zone and CAT buses, and the destinations they connect with
  • Use your time – commuting by public transport can provide employees with time they can use, e.g. catching up on social media, reading or relaxing
  • Save money – public transport may be cheaper than driving, especially if staff use SmartRiders with autoload
  • Help is at hand – Transperth offers many ways to access information including the Transperth website, Your Move Info Line, the Transperth App. Employees can sign up to My Account to manage their SmartRider and hear about service changes. There are many safety measures across the Transperth system too.

Grab a Cat for the next meeting

Hold workplace activities to inform and involve employees, for example:

  • Arrange a presentation for your staff about catching public transport (arrange with the Transperth education team)
  • Organise a Your Move day for staff to try using public transport (or cycling or walking) to get to work – this could be a challenge between workgroups
  • Hold a public transport to work breakfast to support encourage use or launch an initiative.

Workplace practices and policies can support public transport use:

  • Enable flexible start and finish times for staff so people can match their commute with bus or train timetables
  • Preference the use of public transport instead of pool cars or taxis for business trips to destinations easily reached by train or bus, especially in the central city
  • Provide SmartRider cards for business trips (see page on business smartriders) or commute trips (see page on smartriders for commute trips).

Further information

The Transperth website includes maps, timetables, fare information and other resources. Phone the Transperth InfoLine on 13 62 13 for service and SmartRider queries.

Contact the Public Transport Authority’s education team about workplace information sessions: email

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