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Caden McCarthy
Town of Victoria Park

Vic Park Wayfinding

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This week the Town of Victoria Park installed a series of wayfinding signs to connect people between Curtin University and the East Victoria Park and St James Town Centres. With support from the Department of Transport, the signs will promote walking and cycling between Albany Highway and Curtin University and helps people navigate through Technology Park.

Most people don’t realise it only takes around 20 minutes to walk between Albany hwy and Curtin University. The Technology Park area is confusing to navigate and acts as a barrier for a lot of people trying to access Curtin. These signs will help people find the shortcuts through Technology Park and aim to reconnect Curtin students to local businesses in the Town.

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Nichola Brydon
Town of Victoria Park

Bust a Move morning tea

The Bust a Move morning tea not only boasted good food; it provided ToVP Admin staff with the logistics for the new pilot (staff incentive) program, an opportunity to write down their new travel mode goal on their own personal pledge desk blackboards (which then acted as a prompt over the 4 week challenge), a barriers and benefits mini workshop to iron out any perceived issues (and solutions) around active and sustainable transport modes to and from work, followed by a quick mapping exercise for car poolers to connect! All in 1 hour WOW!!!!!! :)
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Nichola Brydon
Town of Victoria Park

A behaviour change story - Bust a Move participant feedback

Anonymous staff member:

I have been commuting to work mostly in my private car, and occasionally, using public transport.

During the period when the Town embarked upon experimenting with ‘Bust a Move’ initiative and encouraged staff to embrace the use of public transport as a mode of commuting to and from work, my associated travel involved greater use of trains and buses. Gradually, I introduced some other travel options. My partner used to drop me at work on some days. On some others, one of the workmates, travelling in the same direction, dropped me closer to my home in the evening.

These diverse range of travel options bring with them, a number of other benefits. 10 - 15 minutes of walk to the nearest bus stop or train station has contributed to my fitness plan. I have had the opportunity to catch up with some of my neighbours whom I may not see for months. Watching people of different age groups and how they spend their time while travelling is a picture of diverse interactions within our community - conversations between people sitting next to each other, phone calls to distant acquaintances, and text messaging with global friends. Teenagers happily offering their seats to the elderly or to a mother with a toddler that is reciprocated by a sincere ‘thank you’ or ‘God bless you’ - further develop faith in our community and moral values; and strengthen the belief that the upcoming generation will continue making this world a better place to live in.

I admit that I miss this human touch when travelling by myself in a (five seater) car.

Even though the first stage of ‘Bust a Move’ initiative has come to an end, I continue to enjoy travel to and from work by public transport. My public transport trips have become a regular feature of my weekly travel.

On balance, this experience often reminds me of the saying: It is not just the destination but the journey that makes our life more meaningful.

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Nichola Brydon
Town of Victoria Park

Bust a Move pilot success

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 Results from Bust a Move


‘Most sustainable trips made’ - Louis Blackwell made 40 trips in 4 weeks, mostly by public transport and a handful of trips made with an electric bike (won a $40 Coles voucher)

'Biggest behaviour change' - the most sustainable or active trips made by someone who used to drive their car to work was Ee Leen Roycroft. Ee Leen car pooled 34 times in 4 weeks. (won a Rebel voucher)


Some other fun facts……….

- 29 staff in total participated

- 12 were currently travelling to work sustainably or actively already

- 17 staff were new travel behaviour participants

- 9 staff car pooled together

- 5 staff we actively travelling to work (walked/cycled)

- 11 used public transport (with the Smart Rider subsidy - $100 credit)

- 4 tried the ‘park and walk’ method (parked at least 1km from the admin centre and walked)


Over the 4 weeks, an impressive 624 sustainable or active trips were made by the 29 participants!!!!!!!

306 of the active/sustainable trips were by the new travel behaviour participants (they would have driven in otherwise) 194 car pooling trips were made, 122 walking trips, 218 public transport trips, 111 cycling trips and 132 park and walk trips.


Some other outcomes from the program:

- There was a positive cultural shift at ToVP admin centre

- The staff car park was looking less congested!

- A buzz was created in the workplace

- More employees are now educated and empowered to use alternative modes

- Champions and advocates are leading the way


The future of program is currently being decided :) 

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Nichola Brydon

Bust a Move - staff incentive pilot program

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How the program works:

-Cycle, walk, carpool or use public transport ($100 Smart Rider card trial - more info on form) to get to and from work, at least 2 days per week,
from Monday 31 July to Friday 25 August.

-Fill out your trip tracker (see trip tracker) each week and email to Nichola, then collect your free coffee voucher on Thurday afternoons. (You will also have a pledge black board at your desk to remind you to do your 2x trips per week)
- What if I dont? = Flexible to make up day the week after or change days around :)

Up to 2x free coffee vouchers per week are avaliable (4x trips = 1 free coffee, 1 trip = 1 way)
PLUS if you accumulate......
20 x trips = $20 Coles voucher
40 x trips = $40 Coles voucher

And there is a SPECIAL prize for person with the most trips at the celebration cooked breakfast!

Also managment have approved ‘15 minute’s grace’ to shower at work, if you walk or cycle in!
(Based on communication with your manager)

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Nichola Brydon

ToVP admin staff gearing up to Bust a Move

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Admin staff at the ToVP have been invited to attend the ‘Bust a Move’ morning tea; a fun, interactive workshop that will cover the following:

•In groups discuss barriers, solutions and tips around walking, cycling, public transport and car pooling

•Explain the logistics of the program (tracking new mode trips, receiving coffee/Coles vouchers)

•Staff will be encouraged to decide on and write their ‘Bust a Move’ pledge/new travel intentions on their new funky new A5 desktop blackboard and share with others (photos)

•Lastly, staff who are looking to car pool will stay behind for a further 15 minutes, to make connections with others who may live nearby (large maps will be provided to work out common routes) YES you get free coffees and Coles vouchers if you CAR POOL too! J

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Katie Schubert

Bike to Work Brekky

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For Bike Week in March (apologises for the late story), the Town held a Bike to Work Brekky for staff. Our CEO gave up his parking bay for the day. Nothing like parking in the CEO's bay for the day! Some breakfast packs were prepared for participating staff to start their day with a healthy breakfast. About ten staff participated on the day (even though the weather was not in our favour that day) and for a few it was their first attempt riding into work!

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Nichola Brydon

ToVP staff gearing up to Bust a move


ToVP staff were asked to complete a travel survey (using the fabulous survey tool on this website) last month and the results are in from the 73 people who completed it……………


 87% drive

 6% cycle

 5% walk

 3% catch PT


 20x people (28%) live within less than 5km to work

 10x people (14%) live 5-10km from work

 8x people (11%) live 20-30km from work

 10x people (14%) live more than 30km from work


Where to from here – we are currently creating a staff travel incentive pilot program for the month of August. Staff will be rewarded (with coffee vouchers and vouchers) for sustainable or active trips to work (where viable) to ‘walk the talk’ in the community (modes: walking, cycling, public transport, car-pooling)

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