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Hot off the press - the latest Winterfold, It's Your Move newsletter!

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Our latest Winterfold, it's Your Move newsletter is out! In this edition we feature 2 interviews with staff, a list of all the activities we have done during the term, a word search and a survey for students to complete and return to be in the running for a prize! The committee are very proud of their work on our term newsletter.

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Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

Winterfold are Little Legends

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Winterfold recently had the awesome pleasure of having RAC Little Legend incursions. These sessions and activities are tailored to year groups. PrePrimary students had some fun pretending to be pedestrians and drivers of cars, other year groups learned about road safety and rules, and the Year 5/6 classes learned about solar energy and got to make and test some solar cars! The presenters are fantastic and engage the students in all they are doing. The feedback from both students and staff is that it is an amazing incursion and we want it happening every year.

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Winterfold Primary School

Room 9 on the Count

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Your Move Graphing.jpg (1)

The Year 3 & 4 students in Room 9 have been learning how to collect and represent data in Maths. They have been practising these skills as they track how many students are riding their bikes and scooters to school each day. With the new bike racks installed, thanks to the Your Move Committee, we have a lot of bikes to count!

(Thanks Miss Pushnick)

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Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

Walk Safely to School Day (1)

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Capture.PNG (3)
Capture.PNG (4)

There was lots of excitement leading up to this special day. Winterfold was asked to be part of the publicity for Walk Safely to School Day in our local paper. We were supplied with some great shirts and had a photographer come out for a photo shoot. It was fantastic to see our Your Move Committee members in the local paper again!

We also ran a colouring in competition throughout the school. We had some great, creative entries and it was hard for the committee to choose the final winners but we got there – and they were published in the school newsletter! We displayed a selection of the entries around the school from Tuesday to Friday to promote the event and ensure it was on everyone’s mind.

And after all that lead up, we finally had our Walk Safely to School Day. Some committee members wore the Walk Safely to School shirts, others had fluros on, and they handed out stickers and badges to students who walked to school. Again we were impressed with the number of students who took up this challenged and walked to school. Now to keep them motivated to continue for the rest of the year …

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Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

Constable Care Visits Winterfold Kindy

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Constable Care recently visited Kindy Starfish and Seahorse classes for our very own personal shows. The focus was "Getting to school safely," which delighted and informed all the children. Don't be surprised if they issue a reminder about seat belts or the speed limit around schools. Remember the song everyone: "Stop. Look. Listen. Think. Before you cross the road."

(Thanks Mr M for the story and pictures.)

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Julia Calvert

More Planning

Winterfold You Move Committee met again today to plan out some activities.

We discussed our Term newsletter and the interviews that needed to be done for it. We registered for the Walk Safely 2 School Day and talked about what activities we could do for that day. We decided just to hand out stickers and have a poster colouring competition. We also talked about World Car Free Day. We want to do something big and different from other things we have done for this day. The committee are going to think of some ideas and present them at the next meeting.

Finally, we watched the grant videos that some of our committee starred in. They enjoyed this bit the most!

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Kicking Term 3 off with TWO Newsletter Articles!

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Capture.PNG (2)

It was a pleasant surprise when the first issue of the school newsletter came out and features 2 Your Move articles! It was such a busy end to Term 2 that I forgot I had written and submitted them.

The first article was announcing the winners of the Finish This Drawing competition that was in our first Your Move newsletter. The second article was about the video promotion that we were asked to be part of for Your Move and announcing that we had reached Platinum accreditation.

There were great motivators to get things rolling for this term!

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Julia Calvert

Term 3 Planning

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We finally managed to get our Term 3 planning meeting done! There are so many lunch time activities going on that it is hard to find a day when we are all free. With today's downpour at lunch time, the committee were quite happy to come into my warm classroom.

We discussed the activities we have on our list for this term and realised we have a busy September coming! We have Walk Safely to School Day and World Car Free Day which are both in September. We already did the Walk day but we are more than happy to do it a second time and continue the promotion. We also have incursions booked in September - Constable Care for Kindy and RAC for the rest of the school.

Finally, we started talking about what will be in our next Your Move newsletter due at the end of this term. Some students were allocated assignments for this. We will have another meeting in 2 weeks to firm up all our arrangements. It's great to see that the committee's enthusiasm hasn't faded and they are still motivated for Your Move!

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Julia Calvert

Transport Graphing by Year 1

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Year 1, Room 5, did a survey on how we travelled to school on Wednesday. We tallied the number of people who travelled by - car, bus, walk or bike. We recorded the data in bar graphs. Although there was a high number of children who travelled by car, I think it may have been due to rainy weather on the day we did the survey. We will repeat the survey next term when the weather has improved.

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All right, Mr DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up!

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Me.jpg (1)
Capture.PNG (1)

So this just happened!! It was extremely exciting to be chosen as part of the Your Move promotion video. The students were super excited to be acting and interviewed. We made the perfect choice in parent to be interviewed, Alex Murray, who happens to own his own bike shop! 5 students were selected to do individual interviews while the rest of the Your Move Committee were filmed for various parts in a group. The most nervous out of everyone was me! I stumbled over a few words but got there eventually. I was so excited about the recognition for our Your Move program that I even posted it on Facebook teaching pages! We are all looking forward to seeing the final product!

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Julia Calvert

Competition Winners, Planning and Celebrations


Today was a busy day for Your Move at Winterfold. It was the due date for our Finish the Drawing Competition and we had to choose the winners. We had an abundance of entries and it was definitely difficult choosing winners. We eventually were able to choose a winner, runner up and two honourable mentions from each block.

In addition to choosing winners, announcing them and delivering prizes we also held our wrap up the term meeting. We looked at what we had achieved and penciled in an agenda for next terms planning meeting, which included our next Winterfold It's Your Move newsletter.

Finally, we celebrated all we had achieved so far this term with some tasty treats. Despite COVID interrupting our plan, we have still managed to achieve Gold accreditation and are hoping to get to Platinum in the first half of next term - we are only about 70 points off and have one further story to post this week!

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Hot off the Press!!

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The Winterfold Your Move Committee were super excited to see the culmination of weeks’ worth of work with the release of the first ever ‘Winterfold it’s Your Move’ newsletter.

This is a newsletter solely dedicated to fume friendly travel to school. Students on the committee decided what would feature in the newsletter and then they wrote the articles. There are stories about events, interviews with fume friendly staff and a competition. We had so many ideas that some had to be put off until the next newsletter. We will be producing one every term.

We also had an article about our Slow Bike Race in our regular school newsletter.

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Winterfold Staff Leading the Way

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Along with celebrating World Bicycle Week, we also celebrated our staff members who regularly ride to school. (This is a late entry as it has taken me a few weeks to catch them all with their bikes for a photo!)

Mr Kaloczy, Music Teacher, Mr Simojoki, Year 2 Teacher, and Mrs Punch, Education Assistant, are consistent fume friendly bike riders. Only the worst of weather forces them to rely on their 4 wheel alternatives.

It is quite difficult for teachers and other school staff to take fume friendly transport as many of us don’t live in riding distance, take bags of marking to and from home or arrive really early and leave late – I have watched the sun rise from my classroom window on occasion!

However, these three Winterfold staff members are showing us the way and hopefully with inspire others to follow.

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Wobbling and Shaking -The Slow Bike Race

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It was a warm and sunny day when Winterfold Primary School students went wobbling and shaking across the netball court! That’s right – today we held our Slow Bike Race!!

There was a great turn out across all the year levels and, even though parents were not allowed on site to watch, there was still a huge audience. The bike racks were full to overflowing!

We set off with Pink and Yellow Blocks at recess (PP – Year 3) followed by Blue and Red Blocks at lunch time (Year 3 – 6). The Your Move Committee members all had a role to play and executed these with finesse. Some organised the races, we had our starter and some to hand out stickers at the ends. The rest were judges. We didn’t realise how hard it would be to judge a slow bike race – not only looking at who crossed the finish line but also who put their foot down.

We had joint winners for Pink Block – Lachlan and Sammy, in Yellow Block it was Elly, Levi for Blue Block and Thomas crept over the finish line for Red Block. Winners were announced after lunch and prizes delivered to their classrooms.

The spectators were entertained, the racers had fun and the Committee performed beautifully! All that work was definitely worth it.

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The Great Transport Debate

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thumbnail_Image (1).jpg (1)
thumbnail_Image.jpg (1)

This morning Year 3/4 brainstormed reasons for and against riding bikes to school. We then discussed as a class the different aspects and roles of debating. Students came up with a range of sensible and imaginative reasons for and against. I allocated roles and sent them back to their groups. We finished the lesson with several students who were extremely passionate debating in front of the class who then voted in favour of riding to school (of course!).

Thank you to Miss Creevy for this great activity that linked to Literacy.

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Kick Starting Term 2 - Walk Safely to School Day

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With pretty much all students back at school, it was time to kick start Your Move for Term 2.

Planning Meeting
We held our planning meeting this week on Wednesday. The YM Committee is pretty popular and we welcomed 3 new members – bringing our total to 23!! It sounds like too much but they all attend all meetings and all contribute to the discussions and ideas. We planned 3 things for this term:
1. National Walk Safely to School Day – although it has been postponed nationally, we decided we would still recognise it as most out students are at school.
2. World Bicycle Day – 1 June. We are planning a slow bike race for this day to happen during recess and lunch.
3. Your Move Newsletter – we want to produce one of these per term.

National Walk Safely to School Day
Although this event has been postponed nationally due to COVID 19, we decided we still wanted to recognise it at Winterfold. We had lots of stickers left over from previous years that we wanted to use up. One of the committee noticed that last year’s stickers kind of look like corona virus! :)

YM Committee members waited at the front of the school at a safe distance from the footpath to give students stickers as they entered. It was great to see so many walking all or part of the way to school, and great to see much less cars on the road outside the school.

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WPS in the News

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It was with great excitement that our story was finally published in the Fremantle Gazette! Unfortunately all the COVID stories delayed our good news one but here it is, just in time to inspire students who are coming back to school to ride their bikes. This will be something positive and exciting to share with my students next week as school begins for a term like never before!

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New sign, New Sticker!! Yay!!

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There was great excitement around Winterfold PS as we received our new sign! Our last one had graffiti on it and our lovely gardener/handyman/doeseverythingman, Tony, wasn't able to get it off, no matter what he tried. I did manage to get the previous stickers off the old sign and re-stick them to the new sign - such a relief! And Tony wasted no time in swapping the signs over for us.

We don't have many students at school today (the picture is just a few of today's attendees) but it didn't stop our excitement. We had a big celebration presenting our new sign and placing our latest sticker on it - PLATINUM!

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Room 9 Investigate Helmets


This week the Year 3’s and 4’s discussed bike safety in support of the “dress up your bike” competition. The students investigated how helmets have changed over time and critiqued the designs of some helmets before designing their own. They also participated in a quiz which tested their knowledge of the safety rules and laws set for riders of bikes, scooters and motorbikes. This quiz prompted an interesting debate about consequences for people who don’t follow the rules. However, we all agreed that bike safety is serious and if people do not act safely, lives could be put in danger!

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Bike Safety ... nothing stops us!

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The dwindling numbers are not stopping Your Move at Winterfold. This week Room 8, Year 5/6, have been following the SDERA bike safety lessons. Interestingly students have learned a lot such as how to fit a helmet, not to wear a damaged helmet, penalties and fines and they have to ride with at least one hand on the handle bars. The opening lesson with the bike safety quiz was a real eye opener for some of the more adventurous bike riders!

The helmet lessons were great. Student found out what they are made of and why, how important they are to cushion the head and brain in an accident, how to properly fit one and when to replace it.

Having the opportunity to evaluate the impact of a bike accident on all concerned was also a valuable lessons. Not only did they acknowledge the effect of a bike accident on the injured person, but they also realised how much it impacts on those who are also part of the accident as well as those who witness it.

We coupled these lessons with the Studyladder online activities that covered road and bike safety to solidify these concepts. Hopefully all this new knowledge will change some of their unsafe behaviour as well as help them make the right decisions when out riding.

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Still Spreading the News

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Despite the COVID 19 virus and reduced class numbers we are continuing to spread the word and maintain the passion as much as possible. This weeks newsletter included a wrap up of our Dress Your Bike Competition as well as a look back at last years stats and our future direction.

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Dressing up for National Ride2School Day

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Winterfold Primary School celebrated National Ride2School Day with a Dress Up Your Bike Competition.

The netball court was ablaze with colour and costumes as the students spent the first half hour before the bell riding around the circuit. We had a few minor collisions due to all the excitement but on the whole, it was a safe and fun activity.

Our lovely sport teacher Mr Wotherspoon set up a speaker and a play list for students to ride along to. We had a huge contingent of parents watching and cheering them all on.

I was really impressed with the effort that some students went to. We had an array of colour, animals, aliens and much more.

This was followed with assembly and presentation of prizes for runner ups and winners chosen by the Your Move Committee. One of the fabulous benefits of having such a large committee is that I do very little other than co-ordinate. My committee were handing out stickers and spot prizes, ensuring students rode around the right circuits (PP – Yr 3 on the inner circuit and Yr 4-6 on the outer circuit) and ensuring everyone was travelling in the right direction.

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Half Day Teacher Relief Bonus!

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How great is the half day teacher relief? Initially, I thought I wouldn’t be able to fill half a day just with Your Move stuff – but I did!

First up, I gathered some members of my committee and looked at the posters they had created for our National Ride to School Day Dress Up Your Bike Competition. We made sure they had all the relevant information on them then colour copied them and created a script for students to read when presenting the posters to classes. We distributed these posters around the school.

Next we organise prizes for the competition. We have accrued a collection of items and set up prize packs for Junior and Senior, runners up and winners. These were chosen and packed ready to present. We also decided on some spot prizes of stickers, slap straps and a few other random small items we have.

We decided on the course for the dress up the bike competition. It is being held on the netball court with the juniors riding around the inner circuit and seniors around the outer circuit. We made sure we had enough cones to set up early for the course. I reminded the committee of all the jobs that need to be done that morning and that they need to be at school early to help with these jobs.

We checked the 2020 Schools Calendar Planner emailed out by Your Move and decided on future events we want to take part in. We decided on Walk Safely to School Day in Term 2 and World Car Free day in Term 3. We added these to our school’s Term planner whiteboards and made a note to plan these in future meetings.

Finally, I had to make a few phone calls. Firstly, to the Bicycle Network as we hadn’t received the National Ride to School Day pack. They told me it was being sent out and would arrive before next Friday. Then I rang the local paper to ensure they were coming out to do a story on our competition and confirmed this.

After all that, I was ready for the weekend!

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Event Planning

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With two weeks of swimming lessons over, we finally had time to meet and plan for National Ride to School Day. We have decided to hold our Dress Up Your Bike Competition on the same day. Today, we discussed making posters to distribute around the classes and the various jobs that need to be done on the day such as setting up the course, handing out stickers and small prizes as well and choosing our major prize winners. In addition we have contacted the local paper and are hoping they come out to celebrate the day with us! Committee members were reminded that I need them at school early to help with the running of the event. We are all feeling very organised for the event now and expect it to be as smooth as it was last year.

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Runners Club Supports Your Move

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runners club.JPG

WPS Runners Club started this week with a great turn out. Mr Wotherspoon, our Sport Teacher, is a great supporter of the work Your Move does around the school and continues to support us through the Runners Club. Students had to be ready to run at 7.55am. They were encouraged to walk or ride to school first as a warm up and prizes for runners have been donated by the Your Move Committee. We are anticipating an even bigger turn out next week! This is the first Your Move activity at WPS that wasn't organised by the YM Committee and we are hoping we will see more in the coming months.

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Hitting the Ground Running

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WPS have started the year running! To kick start Your Move for the year I presented at the SDD. I admit that I used a little bribery - Your Move pens purchased through the Rewards Shop and lollies and chocolate purchased with an Officeworks voucher from the Rewards Shop. This turned out to be a valuable presentation. Whilst most staff know what Your Move is, as they hear me spruiking it constantly, they didn't really know how the program worked and that it was all self funded. I even had teachers checking out the class activities that I had printed from the website to see which one they would do this year.

Next on the agenda was to complete the hands up survey. I sent my trusty class out to conduct these surveys and the results were very pleasing. We have a 4% decrease in car use. It doesn't sound like much but every bit counts. It has also been noted that our bike racks that we got new last year are almost full!! We are getting between 5 and 10 more bikes at school every day than we did last year. I have already been told by a few people (staff and students) that we are going to need more racks!

The final step at this point was to re-establish my student committee. Last year I had 12 devoted students working with me, however most of them were Year 6 and have now gone off to high school. I decided to limit the committee to Year 5/6 and see what response I got before opening it to the younger grades. I was totally blown away when 20 students turned up for the first lunch time meeting!!

During the meeting we looked at the survey results and thought about ways to keep this improvement going. We set up a regular meeting time - Week 1 for planning, Week 5 for progress updates and Week 10 for review with additional meetings added when needed for events. We also looked at the Your Move website, particularly the Rewards and the Activities and began our planning. We discussed out platinum accreditation for last year and set out goal on Double Platinum for this year - we really want some shelters for our bike racks. Finally, 2 committee members were chosen to write the first article in the newsletter.

At the end of all this, it is really exciting to see how motivate both staff and students are to support this program and achieve our goals.

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TransPerth Get on Board Incursion (1)

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Last week, the Year 5 & 6 students from Rooms 6 & 8 attended the Get on Board incursion. It was great to see so many of them engaging with the activities and, for a lot of them, learning something new. Very few of them are using public transport at the moment but many of the Year 6 students will be needing to do so to get to high school next year. David, the presenter, kept them engaged and entertained for the whole session. When they returned to class, all the Year 6 students received a Smart Rider pouch they could stick onto their phones. It is well worth organising this incursion.


And as our final Your Move post for the year, we even took Your Move to the Zoo. On Friday, all Year 5 & 6 students had an excursion to the Zoo. There were 3 Your Move backpacks wandering around for the day. Love that Reward Shop.

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End of Year Wrap Up

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So it has come to the end of the year - well, close enough. We held our last committee meeting today and reflected on our year working together - the good and the bad.

First, the bad. Our application for the crossing guard was not successful, however it was a good experience. Also, our attempt to get a walking school bus didn't take off. But we are not discouraged!

Now for the good news! Our 'Dress up Your Bike' day was a fabulous success with a massive turnout. We celebrated Walk Safely to School Day and created the Ten Tiny Things Competition which was another huge success. We also completed an Infrastructure Audit and started our Fume Free Fridays which we will be continuing next year.

But the good news continues! We have also enjoyed incursions from Constable Care and RAC Little Legends - these were both well received and the feedback from teachers and students was all positive. We still have the TransPerth Get on Board incursion next week for the Year 6 students.

But our best good news was the installation of the scooter rack earlier in the year and, just recently, receiving a platinum grant and getting our new bike racks! Everyone is super impressed by these and we have had a slight rise in bikes at school. We enjoyed our reflections and celebrating all our successes!

Our final discussion point was about next year. I have been very fortunate to have such a large committee however most of them are Year 6 and are heading off to high school next year. This means I need to establish a whole new committee and I already have plans to hit the ground running!

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Fabulous New Bike Racks!!

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IMG_7157.JPG (1)
IMG_7160.JPG (1)

Today's Fume Free Friday was extra exciting as we unveiled our BRAND NEW BIKE RACKS thanks to our PLATINUM YOUR MOVE GRANT! Yes, we are very excited here at Winterfold Primary. Even more exciting was to see that there are more bikes at school today that usual - I'm going to have to get more bike racks! We have even installed some for the parents (photo was taken after school started and therefore parents had left and the racks were empty).

Our installer, Liam, was brilliant and we are very impressed with how quickly the process was from applying for the grant to installation. We look forward to seeing him again next year for our next lot of installations - hopefully some shelters! Double PLATNIUM here we come!!

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Your Move Fume Free Fridays!

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Fume Free Friday poster.JPG

The Your Move Committee has a very productive meeting this week. Unfortunately our application for a Crossing Guard was not successful - we didn't have enough traffic passing us. We were also very impressed that with the warmer weather out scooter racks are filling up.

This week we also launched our Fume Free Fridays. Each Friday our committee members are going to be handing out tickets to students who walk, ride or scoot to school. We will be drawing prizes every couple of weeks and the winning class overall will receive a movie day at the end of term!! We have also motivated some classes to do a classroom activity with this, linking Maths, by graphing the number of Fume Free students they have each week. I look forward to seeing these results! We promoted this event in our newsletter and were very pleased with the number of parents who supported this initiative.

In the past we have been able to donate books from the Rewards Shop to our Library and have now decided that we will also donate some handballs to classes - using a Rebel voucher, and we will be getting some class sets of protractors and other items to donate to our Maths department using a Officeworks voucher. This all helps spread the Your Move message around our school.

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RAC Little Legends Incursion (1)

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Over the last three days we have had the pleasure of attending the RAC Little Legends incursions across the whole school. Having never seen the presentations I was not sure what to expect. I popped into the pre-primary session and the students were so engrossed they didn't even turn around to see who came in! My own Year 5/6 class were fully engaged and participating through the whole session. The information given was age appropriate and necessary for them - I think they even learned a thing or two. This incursion was such a valuable experience and we will definitely be booking them again next year!

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Winterfold Primary School

Your Move Committee are on fire!!

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WPS Your Move Committee is a popular one to be on! Another two students have joined this term bringing out number to 12! They have already made some interesting suggestions too. We held a committee meeting this week and discussed quite a number of things. Firstly we discussed the progress of our Traffic Warden application - it has gone to the committee and we are awaiting the results with fingers crossed. We had also been trying to get a Walking School Bus going, however we only had 15 parents interested and they all live so spread out that we can't get even one bus happening. In lieu of this, we will be looking at a Park and Walk Initiative for next term. We also discussed a number of other ideas for next term including promotional ideas for active travel such as Fume Free Fridays and we will be holding RAC and TransPerth incursions. Finally, we decided to purchase the two new books from the Reward shop and donate them to our School Library. This committee is always on the move!!

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Constable Care Visit

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Constable Care came to visit last week and talk to our lower primary students about getting to school safely. From all reports it was enjoyed both by students and staff (I was on Long Service Leave so missed it :( ). Feedback from the teachers was that it was presented well, informative, relevant and fun. The senior students didn't miss out though - they had a Constable Care talk about online safety!

Coming up next term we have the RAC incursion - which I have been told is very good but I haven't seen it yet, and the TransPerth incursion for Year 6 students getting ready to head off to high school. Always something happening at WPS.

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WPS sharing Your Move

Winterfold Primary is in the unique position of being right next door to a private school, Christ the King. Therefore, the excessive traffic on our streets affects both school. We have slightly different starting and finishing times to combat this however, we still both have too many students arriving to school via car when they could be taking an alternate method. With this in mind, WPS contacted our neighbours and have just met with some of their admin team. CTK were not aware of the Your Move Program so I got to share with them how to sign up and the requirements for staying registered. I also shared with them the actions we have taken at WPS to engage students in active and fume friendly methods of transport to school. They were very interested but now need to discuss with their admin team - especially as this program doesn't work if there isn't someone driving it! Fingers crossed they join up and we can take a dual approach to reducing traffic around our schools!

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Ten Tiny Things Competition

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Ten Tiny.PNG

WPS used some of our reward points to purchase the book “Ten Tiny Things” by Meg McKinlay. We loved the story so much that we create a competition about it. The Ten Tiny Things Competition!! Students were asked to walk, ride or scoot to school and look for ten tiny, interesting things along the way. They then completed an entry form listing these (drawings for the juniors) and put their entries in the Your Move mail box. It was great to see the excitement about this competition and inspire students to walk, ride or scoot to school in this cold weather! We were able to give out a bunch of fabulous prizes – also purchased with our reward points!


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Walk Safely to School Day

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With the rain of yesterday we were worried that WSTSD would not be much of a success!! However, the sun shone through the clouds and despite the cold we had a lot of walkers, riders and scooters. My group of helpers handed out stickers and a big congratulations was given to all students who walk/rode/scooted to school at assembly. We were especially impressed with those who usually drive due to distance but chose to park a little away and walk the rest. We just hope that this motivates students to choose this method of transport to school everyday!

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Infrastructure Audit Complete!!

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Winterfold have completed our Infrastructure Audit! Phew!! It was bigger than I anticipated. My class and I wandered around, recording every detail and found a few things that needed immediate attention.

Two of the 40km/h signs are obstructed by trees - one is completely covered and not visible! Also, the grass is growing across the footpaths reducing their widths. Work orders have been placed and we are told these will be corrected within 10 working days!

We also think the footpaths are not wide enough for two way traffic or to cater for both pedestrians and bikers. This one needs a written submission so we shall be working on that in the coming weeks.

Traffic at the front of the school remains a problem resulting in cars parking on verges and across footpaths. This is an ongoing problem that we are trying to solve by getting more students to walk/ride/scoot to school. Some changes are also going to be made by the council and they will have rangers patrolling the area.

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Parent Survey Results

Winterfold recently requested all parents to complete a travel survey via Survey Monkey. We promoted this survey through our newsletter as well as at assemblies. We had responses from parents who had children across all year levels and mostly from parents with only one child currently at this school. This week, I have analysed the results and founds that 53% of respondents live within a 2 km radius, however 63% are travelling to school via car. 30% live more than 4 km away and 38% are interested in being part of a walking school bus.

I asked parents for reasons they don’t walk/ride/scoot to school and what would motivate them. I had quite a mixed bag of responses. Some we can’t do anything about such as work commitments and younger siblings being a hindrance. However there were some responses that we are looking more closely at and developing some plans.

A few of these related to footpaths and crossings and we have already contacted the council and are in the process of applying for a crossing guard. The walking school bus is going to take some planning but it is also on the agenda.

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Scooter Rack and Parent Survey

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We’ve had a few things happening with our Your Move Committee lately.

Firstly, our scooter rack has been installed. We now have space for 12 scooters to be stored and locked safely. We announced this at a recent assembly, as well as including in the newsletter, to a very excited student body.

Our student committee also met. We have a dreadful traffic problem out the front of our school during drop off and pick up times and in an effort to combat this we decided to survey our parents to ask them what would influence them to choose a fume friendly way to travel to school. As a committee we came up with some questions. I then met with a parent who is also passionate about alleviating the traffic problem and we had a very productive conversation with lots of ideas presented. With all this information, we designed a survey using Survey Monkey and sent this out to all parent with the newsletter.

Now we sit back and wait for the responses to come in. Once we collate all of these we will be making some plans of actions for the rest of the year!

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Winterfold's Dress Up Your Bike Competition

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Last Friday, Winterfold Primary School held a Sustainability Day. It was an extremely busy day due to it being Sustainability Week, Harmony Week, Waterwise Week and Bike Week, but Your Move managed to secure some time for our Dress Up Your Bike Competition. A large crowd of students with their decorated bikes and scooters were already cruising around the course before the committee got down there – thankfully I had set up the cones for the course early! Some notable ones were the musical bike, unicorns and a giant spider! We had a huge number of parents there to watch as well. The Principal came down too and later commented that it was a lovely atmosphere, great to see so many parents, well run and had at least 30% more participants than the last competition held before my time. I have never seen our bike racks so full! It was great to see. Prizes were awarded at the assembly. These were slap straps, drink bottles and backpacks all purchased from the Your Move Reward Shop with our points,

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Your Move Assembly Item

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Room 8 kicked off the year of assemblies with a Your Move presentation. It featured ‘The Great Debate’ with the topic of ‘we should all come to school by car’, which was convincingly won by the opposing team who highlighted the benefits would be reduction in traffic congestion at the front of the school, health benefits of exercising on the way to school and the benefits to the environment. There were also skits about being dropped off a few streets away and walking the rest and getting a group together to ride or walk to school. In between we had ads for Wilma’s Walkers – the best walking shoes, and Helga’s Helmets – safe and cool, as well as an informative ad about crossing the road. We are hoping that this will promote fume free transport to school for the rest of the year.

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Winterfold Establishes Your Move Committee

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Last week a number of students nominated to be part of the Your Move Committee for our school. Today, we held our first meeting. It was great to see such enthusiasm and motivation from these students. Today's meeting was to plan an activity for our whole school Sustainability Day next month. We also took a photo of our Your Move sign with our recently achieved Bronze sticker on it and we are all fired up to earn our silver soon too!

Winterfold sign.jpg

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Your Move Hands Up Survey

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On Friday they 18 February, Room 8 students did a Your Move whole school survey on how students came to school that day. Your Move is a program to promote using the car less and walking or riding more. Winterfold PS must carry out these surveys twice a year to maintain our registration and be able to earn rewards. Recently, we achieved Bronze status which opened up more rewards for us to access - we are now aiming to achieve the silver! We found that coming to school by car was down 5% since November, 2018. However, this means that we still have 186 of the 300 students surveyed come by car. If you want to know more about fume free ways to come to school, then come to Room 8's assembly this Friday. by Elise, Shoni and Aiden, Room 8

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Transperth Get on Board Incursions

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On Wednesday, 6 December, Room 6 & 8 were visited by Mr McMahon from Transperth. He explained that there will be a new Transperth app so you can plan and track your journey which was pretty important for our students who are heading off to high school and possibly using public transport next year. Mr McMahon also informed students on ways to stay safe while using transport which included safety around stations but also what to do if you needed help. Students also learned about Smart Riders, how to put money on them and how to use them.


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Your Move at Assembly

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On 9 November our Your Move committee presented the findings of the Travel Survey to the school. They reported that travel by car had decreased, however we still have 55% of students coming to school this way. We want to decrease that number more, so we have created a Your Move Suggestion Box. We asked student to come up with ideas on how we could encourage them to choose more active methods of getting to school. We are now eagerly awaiting the suggestions. Stay tuned!

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Your Move Survey Results

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On 7 November, students from Room 8 conducted a Your Move Transport Survey of students from PrePrimary to Year 6. The survey found that more student are walking (30% more) and cycling (66% more) to school than the previous year. However, there are still 55% of students travelling to school in cars. Not only does the number of cars cause congestion outside the school but also contributes to pollution. We would like to see more students walking or riding to school and will be looking at ways we can encourage this in the future. To help with this a Your Move suggestion box has been put next to the Highway Hero box for students to submit their suggestions on ways to promote active transport. Parents are also welcome to make suggestions.
Room 8 Students

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Julia Calvert

Banner competition!

This term we will be holding a banner competition to promote our committee. We will be using 140 of our 446 points. In this competition, students are asked to design some artwork that will be judged by our school committee. The artwork is to focus on Your Move and ways of getting to school without a car. We will choose a winner from each group. Younger school K-PP, middle school 1-3 and upper school 4-6 will be the years that we will be selecting from. The entries will be due by the 7th September, 2017. We will use the banner at our school events and promote the hard work that we do for Your Move!

Written by Jesse and Ella from the student Your Move Committee

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Best Dressed & Obstacle Course

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At the end of Term 2 we hosted a Dress Up and Obstacle Course activity. We were celebrating the bicycles 200th birthday. Students were to dress up a mode of transport that did not run on electricity or have a motor, such as bikes, scooters, skateboards and shoes.

We spent time designing an obstacle course on our netball court. In the obstacle course we had to weave, limbo under a pole, follow lines, go around objects, and just be awesome!

An important part of the day was dressing up your mode of transport and wearing a helmet.

This was a not for profit day. The reason we hosted it was to celebrate bikes and to have fun.

The day ran very smoothly, although there are some things that we will improve on next time. We had over 80 students participate and family and friends join us. This day was very successful!

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Julia Calvert

Getting started

This year the Winterfold Your Move Committee is trying to decrease the amount of people who take cars to school. Our awesome committee members consist of: Ffion, Mischa, Jasmine, Abigail, Jesse, Maurice, Noah, Liam, Ella, Elise and Jazmia.

The first event we will be holding is the celebration of the bicycles 200th anniversary. We will run a lunch time activity where students dress up a vehicle that doesn't run on electricity or fuel. There will be an obstacle course also. We will be holding this on the netball court at lunch time on the 29th June. Community members such as family and friends will be invited.

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