Create or attend a Your Move Schools network meeting - Term 4 (1)

Meeting with a network of schools to discuss Your Move is a great way to connect with likeminded people to share ideas and inspire and support each other to achieve success and longevity in the program.

If you don’t currently have a local network to join, then why not create your own Your Move schools' network by reaching out to neighbouring schools and set regular meetings to discuss Your Move. Alternatively, why not could reach out to your Local Government to find a Community Development Officer or Road Safety Officer with an interest in helping local schools encourage and improve active transport participation through the Your Move program by hosting regular Your Move school catch ups.

Tell us how you established a local Your Move schools' network and how you collaborate to earn 25 points.

The City of Rockingham is a great example of Local Government and local schools working together. Read Warnbro Primary Schools stories on how this network was established and how local schools continue to collaborate.