2023 Double Platinum Certification Sticker Ceremony

Paul Carron
Albany Primary School

Today our YourMove team attached our 2023 Double Platinum sticker to our YourMove boards.

We spoke with this brand new team of keen students about the history of YourMove certifications on our board and what this certification means to us in real terms. We identified the fact that in recent years these certifications, and the hard work that has gone into getting them, have earned us a brand new mountain bike track (soon to be upgraded also with YourMove money), a brand new bike rack and shelter to help with our growing number of bikes coming into school, and prizes for the Active Transport Championship that we run each term among many other things.

As you can see they were very excited and proud of our Double Platinum status, and are keen to do everything they can to keep APS a high active transport achieving school.

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James (Your Move)

Great shot Paul! You have really captured the moment . Albany PS has earned 60 points for starting up the 2024 team, 15 points for this celebration and 10 points for sharing all the details.

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