A taste of the Munda Biddi for APS students

Andrea Smithson
Albany Primary School

How lucky are the Year 6's at Albany Primary School? Not only do they have the wonderful Mrs Mercer who has run them through three bike education sessions this term, but they've also scored the only sunny day for what feels like WEEKS for their Munda Biddi excursion today! They also have an amazing group of parents who have pulled together their collective trailers and bike racks to transport all of their bikes, and help out on the ride. So lucky, on so many levels!

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James (Your Move)

I guess it isn't exactly luck - passionate students have passionate teachers and passionate parents 😄! I love that huge trailer that one volunteer has brought along. Ms Mercer and all the helpers have earned Albany PS another 80 points, and you Andrea have earned 10 more points for giving us yet another wonderful story. Have a brilliant weekend!

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