Bike Club Lunch Time Event

Paul Carron
Albany Primary School

This week we ran a 'Bike Club' session at lunch time for all the kids who rode their bikes to school. We have a few bike jumps stored at the school that we pulled out and placed in front of a slightly sloping grass hill for the kids to jump off.

The jumps are of varying sizes/degrees of difficulty in the jumps to cater for all kids abilities, some of them can just be rolled over, and some of them can send the more skilled kids flying. Some of the jumps were provided to us by a parent and some were build by the school's PE teacher.

The kids love all hitting the jumps together and they learn a lot from watching each other do it. We have witnessed lots of kids progress from rolling, without much bike control, over the smallest jump to now hitting, with good technique and control, the bigger jumps. They have learnt this not only by simply watching each other but we have also overheard discussions between them about the best way to 'get air'. This peer to peer learning is super powerful in the development of skills.

We will endeavour to run more sessions like this as they are great for the general promotion of bike riding as well as being a way of kids seriously improving their riding ability.

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James (Your Move)

Great shots of the kids and "big kid" getting air, Paul 😎! You have earned 30 points for your Bike Club session and 20 points for all your reflections and details. It is great that you are tapping into this peer learning.

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