Year 5, Room 15 conducted the first assembly for the year on February 10th. The assembly informed the school community on Your Move and how we can gain points that can we use to get fantastic equipment for our school. The assembly item consisted of a poem and the students used the new mini road signs pack to do skits. Unfortunately COVID restrictions meant there was no live audience or photos taken but here is the poem.

Your Move.

I want to ride my bicycle,

I want to ride to school.

Cars cause too much congestion,

And the car park is always full.

I like to get some exercise,

And talk to my friends on the way.

I like the fresh air and company,

That sets me up for a good day.

I must make sure I’m careful,

Look both ways when I cross the road.

I must make sure I follow the road rules,

And make sure the traffic has slowed.

When possible I should cross at a crosswalk,

Or even at the lights.

Make sure I am using my hand signals,

When I am stopping or turning right.

Bannister Creek is a Your Move School,

2022 is our year.

We will be collecting as many points as possible,

So we can get some Your Move gear.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing your first assembly item for this year Julie. How was it presented to the school - by video? I love the poem! You have earned 25 points for including YM in a Term 1 assembly and 10 points for sharing these details.

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Yes there is a video but I was concerned at its length and the number of children’s faces that would be shown.

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James (Your Move)

That's fine Julie - I was just wondering how you did the assembly!

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