Active transport solution to parking problems

Andrea Smithson
City of Albany

The City of Albany's Rangers team is taking a proactive approach to school parking problems around local schools - and encouraging active transport is top of the list! This informative flyer has been distributed to all schools and shared widely through the City's communication channels along with school newsletters and social media. It ties in perfectly to the Park and Ride/Walk maps we developed a couple of years ago for several local schools, which are available on the City's website. It's great to have different parts of the team working together and bringing in different solutions to a common problem!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Andrea - great to see your rangers making the specific link between parking issues at schools and encouraging active travel as a solution. I particularly like how AT is the first thing mentioned on the flyer! You have earned 25 points for your promotion of AT to the community plus 10 points for sharing the flyer.

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