Green Team keep cycling on the agenda

Andrea Smithson
City of Albany

The City of Albany's Green Team has cycling front and centre at the moment, with lots of things in the pipeline over the next few months. We are already thinking about Bike Month events for this year (and hoping that we will not have another never-ending winter impacting us this time!), with our amazing Children's Librarian running her annual Story Scoot/Ride event and a revived Bike Chat at the Waterfront for the broader biking public. We will also be doing some refreshers for our staff on using our pool of e-bikes, and we are working on a new take on our regular staff ride to work events. More info coming soon!

Also on the agenda is some new resources to assist schools, including a collaboration with some other local agencies to produce a guide for school communities who want to get started in the active transport and road safety space. We are also giving some of our Park & Walk/Ride to school brochures an overhaul to reflect changes that have happened in the last couple of years. On top of all that - the process to develop the Great Southern 2050 Cycling Strategy has just begun! It's all happening - plenty of keep us busy during the winter months!

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James (Your Move)

I knew it, Andrea! There is so much in the pipeline at the City of Albany - thanks for sharing it all with us. It is amazing, but you have never previously received points for having a working group responsible for Active Travel - so now you have received the 25 points for that, and 10 points for sharing all the ideas flowing from your Green Team. I look forward to reading how all these plans take shape.

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