Long Lines of riders

Carl Beck
City of Albany

The number of staff who chose to have their bike checked by a bike mechanic or to test ride one of the City of Albany's EBikes as part of Health and Wellbeing Week saw long lines as participants waited for their turn.

Blyth Andrews from the Albany Cycle Club undertook the bike checks and conducted basic maintenance on the staffs bikes while also providing advice on further maintenance required, bike set up to improve comfort and suitable riding routes around town.

TravelSmart Officer Carl Beck supervised the EBike demonstrations and distributed information about the City of Albany's salary sacrifice options to allow staff to lease an Ebike.

Running the sessions from 11am-1pm allowed staff to participate in the activities during their lunch break and the activities being run in the court yard and area adjacent to the staff lunch room also generated plenty of walk past interest and comment even from those staff not actively involved today.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Fabulous! This sounds like a really worthwhile activity - helping staff make sure their bikes were ride-ready and spruiking the City of Albany's EBike salary sacrifice option. I've added 45 activity points for running "Bike Skills Session." Remember, where appropriate, to link you stories to activities for automatic bonus points.

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