School Buses Made Simple

Andrea Smithson
City of Albany

Schools in the Albany area are really well serviced by school buses, but the system can be a bit confusing for parents to navigate - which is understandable, as we've got two seperate systems operating side-by-side. One is the buses operated by School Bus Services, for our mostly rural kids who live more than a certain distance away from their school. The other service is our TransAlbany buses, who have lots of different routes going to all of our schools, within the Albany public transit area. One is a free government service, the other is a pay-per-trip. Clear as mud?

The City has worked with the two bus providers to come up with a simple map to help parents and schools to easily identify which service applies to them, and then where to go for more information. We'll be working with schools to promote this resource, with the hope that we'll see more kids on buses and less coming to school by car!

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James (Your Move)

I really like this map Andrea. I imagine it will really help to clarify things for local families. By linking it to the correct activity you were automatically allocated 22 YM points.

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Great work Andrea. Hopefully this will lead to more kids on the buses, and less cars at the schools. A win for parents, schools, bus providers and the community as a whole!

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