Bike registration and D Locks

Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

200 free D locks have been distributed to local residents that rode to various events in the City of Cockburn over the past year. Local residents can complete the registration form and forward it to the council or Details provided can be useful to help reconnect owners with their bikes, if they are recovered.

The City, in conjunction with WA Police and Public Transport Authority, are promoting the use of D-locks on bicycles in Cockburn to help prevent theft.
D-locks are much stronger than a regular chain lock and are a much greater deterrent to thieves when used correctly. A D-lock should be used to lock the front wheel and the bike frame to the rail. Never lock just your frame or wheels. Secure any accessories such as helmets and lights, or take them with you.

Part of the project involves registering your bike details to our database by completing the form, with serial numbers, description and your contact details. This information will be retained by the City, and will be accessible by WA Police should a bicycle be recovered, to assist with identifying the owner.
You will also be given the opportunity to receive information about the City's TravelSmart scheme.

PTA have excellent videos showing how to secure your bike well, when you ride to the train station. Remember, if you don't use a D lock, it is not locked.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Jillian, what a great initiative. You have earned 15 activity points for promoting active transport. Though after Curtin's post 'Free Bike Lock Swap' and now yours', I'm thinking we might need a new activity 'Promoting Bike Security' - what do you think? You have also earned 20 bonus points for uploading such a useful resource.

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Bike security is important. We have been working collaboratively with local police and Cockburn staff to improve bike security. Curtin's post prompted me to share what we have been doing with bike locks too! Thanks Shannon :)

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That's a great idea. We have some alarmed D-locks from our local police and I have been wondering how to distribute them. Who maintains the database?

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Kylie (Your Move)

What is an alarmed D-lock? And roughly how much do they cost?

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