Grants, grants and more grants

Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

Grants are useful to help implement some of your plans. Missing sections of path make it much harder for people to ride in the local area. I have put in for infrastructure grants so that more people can ride to work, ride to the shops and ride to school. The paths were identified as part of our bike plan. We asked for community input and support for the paths and found that people do want more shared paths so that it is safer when they walk and ride. Many people do not want to be so reliant on cars to get around. I walk and ride the areas I want to have improved and take photographs to keep a record of conditions or problems. The bike rider on this road was riding past just at the right time. Less confident riders do not ride in this area as there are no paths on this busy road. There are many obstacles that you need to overcome to install paths. There is generally a reason why the paths are missing. It could be the land is privately owned; plans are in place for future development; land is very steep or rocky; there is a lack of space between property boundaries or on the road. If we are successful in obtaining grants, we are able to spread the $$ put aside for shared paths further and connect more shared paths so more people can walk and ride without needing to ride on busy roads.

I am also applying for Bike Week grants and other grants to help activate the existing paths and conduct some bike skills courses to get more people on bicycles recreationally at Bibra Lake, Manning Park and Coogee Beach as well as riding to the stations at Cockburn Central and Aubin Grove. I hope to see you and your family and friends out walking and riding on the many paths in the City of Cockburn.

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Thanks for sharing about the grant application process. We look forward to finding out if you've been successful 🤩

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Thanks Zarin. I am apply for many grants and hope to be able to report back soon.

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We were successful in getting two small grants for design of two bike paths that will help to make the area more bike and walk friendly. I have just submitted more grant applications to help get the paths constructed.

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