Smart riders - Smart staff

Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

Some City of Cockburn staff have used the corporate smartriders for work travel to conferences, workshops and meetings during the year. We have smartriders at different workplaces. They can be booked online by staff - just the same as booking a work car. We also use a paper copy to help keep track of the cards and the approximate card balances.

There is always a rush on the cards when people are attending a conference in Perth as travelling by train is so much better than driving to Perth and finding parking. Perth is by far the most popular destination that people want to go via public transport. The rush on cards comes as staff tell others about the corporate smartrider cards.

So far this year our corporate smartriders have been used for 219 journeys, replaced 6,204km of vehicle travel, and reduced the need for reimbursing paid parking for around 100 of those journeys. I collate this data so that I can include it annually in our quarterly reports.

The CEO is aware of the benefits of using a smartrider and is leading by example as he and staff from his office regularly travel by train to meetings. Staff from parks, roads, traffic, building services, media, communications, GIS, environment, records, health, governance, finance planning, human resources and community development have all signed the registration sheets and seen how many different people are using public transport rather than driving, even when they do have a work vehicle available.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Great to hear that so many staff are taking advantage of your corporate SmarRiders. Saving 6,204 km of vehicle travel is another great achievment. And lastly congratulations on achieving platinum level before we reach the end of the year and the accredititation levels reset!

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Thanks Kylie - Staff have told me that it has encouraged them to get their own Smartrider too and use that when they can for other trips. We even have a few combining riding to the station and catching the train, but I will leave that for another story. Great to achieve platinum.

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