Urbi bike share at Bibra Lake

Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn
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While I attended the Bike Share Masterclass in July https://yourmove.org.au/city-of-cockburn/bike-share-bike-share-bike-share/ and a workshop about bike share recently, I had shared information with others (at work, colleagues and friends), but I still had not travelled to Joondalup to try out Urbi Bikes. Jeremey from Urbi sat next to me at the Your Move Awards, so we ended up organising a trial of Urbi bikes at Bibra Lake in the City of Cockburn.

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It was a great way to not only try out the bikes myself but also give others the opportunity to do so. We ended up riding the bikes around 10 km as we rode around the lake and then did a bit of local exploring to spot some beautiful birds. I found the bikes surprisingly comfortable and easier to ride than the Melbourne bike share bikes. Perfect for short trips. Planning is required to make sure that any bike share bikes are well located and used regularly. Bibra Lake is the perfect spot for a recreational ride.

We had the bike present to help promote Share the Path messages with the local Heart Foundation Walking groups, Bicycle Groups and invited guests including MP Chris Tallentire, Mayor Logan Howlett, Councillor Philip Eva, RAC, Curtin University, council staff and community members.

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Talking about Bike Share can help enthuse more people. Showing more people the bikes and letting people have a ride on them is a great idea. You need more people to talk about it, use it and want it to make it happen. Activating the bikes is important. When you see more people ride them, more people ride them. The trip to Joondalup to try out the bikes and see how the docking stations are set up is my next step in this plan. http://urbi.bike/ If I am unable to get a group together, I will just check them out myself when I am able. It sounds like a good day trip.

Planning is required before any bike share is introduced, so I want to see how it is working in Joondalup and plan for any future bike share opportunities for Cockburn. Bibra Lake was the ideal location for a trial of the bikes and to showcase the playground, skate park and natural beauty of the area as we rode around on the quiet path away from any traffic.

Bike Share Bike Share Bike Share.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Giving people the opportunity to trial new services, such as Urbi, is a great way to encourage active transport. The blue bikes look great. We will see what we can do about organising Joondalup Urbi ride!

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Excellent - I would definitely come and have another ride. I want to check out the app, helmet access, docking location and the docking process. I am sure others would be interested as well.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Congratulations on achieving platinum for the second year in a row!

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Thanks Kylie - and I still have some more stories to report as soon as I get some time to write them up.

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