Would you like a bike for Christmas?

Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn
Decorating the work bikes was a good way to promote cycling in my workplace. I have had a couple of people interested in trying out our ebikes, especially when path and roadworks near our office are completed early in 2019. It was also a great opportunity to promote our Sunday bike rides.
In December each year we decorate our work areas to celebrate the coming of Christmas. Each area displays a message that shows the good things that we have done and what you intend to do in 2019 to help improve the community further. Our CEO uses this opportunity to visit all work areas, inspect displays and discuss with staff what they have achieved throughout the year.

I was asked by the Engineering Manager to include a display of bicycles to highlight my work. Using a mix of merchandise, awards, Moon Deck samples, bike figurine (gift from a friend), Christmas tinsel and a Christmas tree from home, I decorated the office and the work ebikes.

I distributed some merchandise such as teeshirts and small tyre gauges that I had stored under my desk by swapping them for smiles.

The responses to the decorated bikes were the best, with many staff passing them everyday. I hope they were inspired to buy a bike for themselves or for someone they love.

Is this how you felt when you were given your first bike? I received my first bike one Christmas. I still love riding around on Christmas Day and during the holidays, seeing children (and grownups too) riding their new bikes. Thanks Bike Friendly Cockburn and Humans on Bikes for the inspiration. https://www.facebook.com/HumansOnBike Christmas time is a great time to give someone a new or preloved bicycle but don't forget to give them a helping hand if they have never ridden a bike before.
Christmas morning and the summer holidays are perfect times to get out and gain more confidence on a bike. Pick low traffic areas - quiet bike friendly streets or even start on a flat oval with shortgrass initially. There are many basketball courts, tennis courts and of road paths you can also practice on. Early in the morning is generally best.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Jillian, I love your cycling themed Christmas decorations! I've given you some innovation points for using Christmas as a catalyst to promote your pool bikes and your Sunday rides.

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