Our 'Your Move' Team of students have been busy adding a dedicated Your Move promotion each Monday as part of our Lake Grace 360's (student led, weekly assemblies).

From the benefit of walking, to greater use of bikes and scooters, to arriving at school via bus, the students actively promote active travel each week!

They poll students each Monday and have already noticed that on average, 65% of students catching the bus to school each day are now riding or walking to their bus stops instead of being dropped off (rain permitting) - merging both bus travel and other others forms of active travel into the one journey.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Scott - I like your student led assembly concept, and as far as I'm aware it is a first to have a YM item every week so I'm giving you 15 innovation points on top of the 25 points for your assemblies. That is a really interesting stat too about students walking or riding to the bus stop. How do the kids deal with their bikes at the bus stop?

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It's been nice to blend our student led approach with our Your Move initiatives - really ensures that greater buy in across our K-12 school. We live in a pretty safe area so in many cases the students drop thir bike sin the bushes by the bus stops (surrounded by bus land) or they chain their bikes to the stops themselves. As it is a rural local, the local shire is supportive of this approach.

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