We have begun the process of adding a fortnightly insert into our newsletter to begin promotion of active transport and the Your Move program as it becomes fully embedded within our school as a whole school focus K-12.

Coupled with a huge array of Your Move events through the year and our weekly student assemblies, active transport has never been so widely promoted in our school's 106 year history.

We are looking forward to our next Your Move event; our inaugural Active Transport @LGDHS day which will see active transport explicity taught and reinforced throughout the school - whether recording traffic data in maths to writing reports on riding, walking or arriving to school via bus in English - the whole school will be a buzz of activity.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing your newsletter article Scott. It is very impressive how you are weaving active travel into so many aspects of school life. I'm particularly excited about your Active Transport @LGDHS day - it sounds like the Telethon of creative curriculum implementation! Can't wait to read about how it all goes!

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Happy to share James. We are getting abit carried away but its been so rewarding to see the change sin our school already

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