Here we are again at that time of the year when we submit our hands up survey.

As expected, we have noticed a rise in car use after the big holidays.

It is pleasing to see use whilst car use is higher than our impressive end of year result last year, car use as a whole has started much lower - which does indicate a change in attitutes as a whole across the school.

We are introducing a number of exciting student led incentives this year to promote more active travel so hope to see a major uplift for our Term 4 Hands up Survey.

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James (Your Move)

Hello again Scott - thanks for sharing your analysis of your HUS results. Yes, it is interesting to see that dip, but reassuring that your AT levels are improved over the start of 2020. You earn 50 points automatically for uploading your results in T1 and T4, and I have also given you 10 points for your discussion here.

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