Bike Safety at Mindarie PS

Andrew Gould

Mindarie Primary School was so excited to be a part of the Your Move Boost Grant program, which nicely tied into our Bike Safety program that was planned to be run with our Year 1 students. The lovely team from People on Bikes, came out to Mindarie every Monday for the last three weeks, one week to go!

Mr Crosby, coordinated the event with his super team of Year One teachers, with students excitedly bringing their bikes to school to be locked away each Monday in our basketball courts.

At 9am, the children collected their bikes and were taught by the bike educators Anna and Noora.

The children have been so happy participating in this program and some have even learnt to ride without their training wheels.

Today was especially challenging for our students, as it was pouring down with rain, but, event the clouds couldn't wash away their high spirits.

The grant has provided all Year 1 children a boost in confidence whilst riding a bike, rules and knowledge whilst participating in the program. They learned about respect, and safe and kind ways to interact with other bike riders.

We look forward to seeing more children in our early years having the confidence and desire to ride to school each day.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Andrew - thanks for sharing how the Super Boost worked out at Mindarie PS. I can just feel the excitement in your words! I have linked your story to the activity "Apply for a grant" which earns you 40 points. Great to hear that not only has the Super Boost helped with Bike Ed, but also with also helped reinforce respect and kindness. BTW I love your vibrant square-ball courts!

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