First Parent Survey

Andrew Gould
Mindarie Primary School

For the past 5 weeks, we have been running a parent survey in our school newsletters to gauge what parents thought about road safety, and to provide me with guidance for how to set up the Mindarie Primary School 'On the Same Page' parent/staff committee. The link was easy to use, and was hosted through our Microsoft Forms application.

We were amazed with the 49 responses that we received, and expressed gratitude to each of these people in subsequent school newsletters.

The information that we got from the survey was outstanding, and really painted an interesting light on public perception.

Some notable comments from the survey are:

"I would definitely welcome a way to connect with other interested parents living in Quinns to organise a carpooling rotation."

"We cross Anchorage drive when we do walk and the roads are really unsafe to cross. Drivers always speed along and it takes a while to have a safe gap to cross. I wouldn't feel safe letting my older children cross that by themselves let alone like doing it with an adult present. If something could be done to the roads to make it safer for people to cross they would walk almost every day."

The full survey can be found as an attachment to this story.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing all those results of your first parent survey, Andrew. It is positive that half of your families live less than 2km away - that means lots of potential for active transport! Great also to see that parent's priorities are also aligned with Your Move aims. You have earned 60 points for doing the survey and another 20 for giving us so much information (including uploading the full results).

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