Follow Up To Parent Survey - Board Member

Andrew Gould
Mindarie Primary School

On Tuesday 27 October, I attended the 'Your Move' community forum in the Perth CBD, and was inspired by the work of Mount Lawley PS and their P&C. They are so lucky to have such a driving force represented in their parent body, and I was determined to get back to the office and start the process of starting our own Parent/Staff group to keep things moving in our Active Journey.

I presented a wrap up from the forum to our P&C, including parents, community members and Mark Folkard (MLA). They were most interested in the statistics and costs that I presented to them, and I delivered my interest in starting a Parent/Staff group. I didn't have to wait for long, and already have a board member representative to support the program. The P&C meeting is later this week, hopefully with the same presentation, I will be able to bring another parent along for the journey and have our first meeting with the Student Leaders.

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David (Your Move)

This is great news Andrew. I'm glad to hear the forum was inspiring, and even better that you've managed to generate some volunteer support for Your Move.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Andrew - we really appreciate you giving us this positive feedback about the forum. This is exactly what we aim for - YM Champions inspiring each other! Excellent news to hear too that you have already had such success engaging others at the school too! You have received 50 points for coming to our forum, 65 points for engaging other volunteers and other 10 for all the info you have just shared with us.

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