Welcome to the MPS Student Leaders!

Andrew Gould
Mindarie Primary School

Today, the School Administration Team at Mindarie Primary School met with the Year 6 Student Leaders - a dedicated team of 9 students who have done an incredible job leading the student body through the difficult year that 2020 has been. We started by discussing what the Student Leaders thought of the survey that they completed. We posed the question 'Why do you think that data was important to the school?". The students said that they thought it was important that we understand how many kids are walking and driving so that we can help more of them walk - they got it in one.

From the data yesterday, we discovered the following:

The kids were not surprised that there was such a high amount of kids who drive to school. They brainstormed the reasons why: weather, convenience, dropping kids off on the way to school and laziness.

We explained what the 'Your Move' program was, and went over some of the aims of the program.

We started to complete the 'Your Move Student Team' form, and got the kids to do it as a quick write - only 5 minutes to get as many ideas down on the page as possible.

Q1: What do you like about walking, cycling, scooting, skating or using public transport?

  • Fitness and exercise
  • Skating can improve your balance
  • Reduce the number of road users
  • Reduce polution
  • See new things and landmarks
  • Admire nature
  • It is easier than driving
  • Fresh air
  • Bond differently with friends and family
  • Improved mental health

Q2: Why do you want to be a part of the Your Move Student Leadership team?

  • Effect positive change in the community
  • Helping others
  • Helping people get healthy
  • Improved road safety
  • Improve my own leadership skills
  • Being part of something new
  • More public speaking roles

Q3: What skills do you have that would be useful in the Your Move Student Leadership team?

  • Public speaking
  • Sock puppets - what better way to learn
  • Fast writing
  • New ideas
  • Great at team work
  • Love being part of the Student Leadership Team

Q4: Any good ideas on how to get more kids to ride to school?

  • Reward them with existing PBS Stamps
  • Share your own experiences
  • Fundraising to get more stuff to improve safety
  • Involve more people (P&C, Fathering Project, Early Learning Centre, The City of Wanneroo)
  • Introduce the Your Move program at an assembly

We finished our meeting with cake, and some homework! The leaders took the 'Activities List and Program Planner' to read before our next meeting.

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James (Your Move)

Brilliant story Andrew - you have given us so much detail of your first team meeting that other schools could easily follow the format (that is worth a 20 point bonus!). Great to hear the feedback from the team - I'm particularly interested to see when the sock puppets make an appearance! I'm also impressed that students are identifying benefits such as for mental health and family bonding.

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