On Wednesday 19 October 2016 we held our tenth 'hands up' survey.

We were keen to see the impact of our Fathering Project's Event - 'The NedLads Walk to School Day. Overall our active transport was a massive 74% (280 students) compared to 49% (184 students) in Sep 2016 and 52% (195 students ) in November 2015.

These results are the highest active transport results we have recorded since we started in October 2014. A huge turn around from the previous June 2016 survey, when we recorded our lowest active transport numbers of 34% (133 students). The biggest increase was the number of students walking to school - double that of the last survey in Term 3 - Sep 2016. There was a reduction in the number who cycled, as they must have swapped bike for feet to walk with mum or dad. A huge result !

Our accumulated results were:
• 2 (1%) caught the bus or train
• 33 (9%) of students rode a bike / scootered / skated
• 245 (64%) of students walked
• 100 (26%) came in a car
In addition we recorded 170 mums and dads walked with their kids !

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