Encourage students to think about the impact of the choices they make when travelling to school. Download lesson plan below. 

Students will gain an understanding of the environmental impacts of vehicles and the links between vehicle use, carbon emissions and global warming. They identify the benefits of active travel and set goals to increase the amount of time they walk and cycle to school.

Year Level: Years 4 to 8

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Understand that vehicles have an impact on the environment in terms of: air quality, greenhouse gases, water quality, use of natural resources and noise;
  • Understand that vehicles emit carbon dioxide (CO2) which plays a role in global warming;
  • Use mathematics skills to calculate CO2 emissions from cars;
  • Identify some of the benefits of walking, riding and catching public transport and
  • Set realistic goals to increase the amount of time they walk or cycle to and from school.

Students from Coolbinia Primary School arrive at their bike parking

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