Your Move - Student Team

Samantha Butler
Rostrata Primary School

Today at Rostrata Primary School we convened the first meeting of our ‘Your Move’ Student Team. Our Deputy Principal, Cindy Wells met with our Year 6 Captains, who will be the ‘Champions’ of Your Move at our school.

Our School Captains are going from classroom to classroom this morning conducting our Your Move Hands Up survey to be completed by the end of this week.

They will also be actively involved in our fist ‘Your Move’ motivated event, 'National Ride to School Day’ on 19th March. Captains will be handing out raffle tickets to all students who participate on the day, to go into the draw for some great ‘Your Move’ inspired prize packs, that we’ve just used our ‘Your Move’ points to order from the Reward Shop.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back to Your Move Schools for 2021 Samantha, Cindy and the Rostrata YM Team! Thanks for sharing your update on the HUS and your plans for NR2SD! Starting your team up has earned you 60 points and giving us such a good read has earned you a bonus 10 points. Looking forward to hearing how it all goes!.

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Thanks James, looking forward to receiveing our reward points goodies.

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