Eco Warriors make their move

Kerry Mazzotti

Our club us called the Eco Warriors and why we formed this club is to rescue more waste things like plastic, cardboard boxes and lots more. We also formed this club to encourage more kids to ride, walk and scoot to school and to plant more green plants, fruits and veggies. In our club we reuse equipment and we all use what we need only.

For Walk to School Day some of our students in Eco Warriors coloured in posters to remind everyone in the school to walk to school. We even presented Walk to School Day on Connect for parents. Some people walked, rode a bike or caught a train or a bus to school.

By Vibha and Ananya

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James (Your Move)

Hi Vibha, Ananya and Kerry - and a big welcome to YM Schools! I'm James, and I here to make sure you don't miss out on any points and to help with any queries you may have. Posting your first story has earned you 12 points. You also earned 60 points for getting your student 'Eco Warrier' team involved in Your Move. I have also just given you 40 points for your Walk to School Day event and a final bonus of 5 for your story being written by students. What a fantastic start! See you soon!

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