99 Boost to Parent Pledges

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

At St Augustine’s we held another of our Parent Pledge facebook polls in Term 3. I put this post on Facebook at the beginning of Term and sent a few reminders as we travelled through the Term.

As with some of our other regularly run Your Move activities, the momentum of this one is suddenly growing exponentially. This is our 6th time collecting pledges and it is by far the most successful. This term we had 125 pledges from 44 individuals, with 10 parents who had never made a Your Move pledge before.

The results reminded me of the message that Liza Picton from DoT presented at a Your Move PL session - the data shows that there is a lag time from starting regular and consistent Your Move messaging to when the school community really gets behind the ‘movement’.

Piotr from the Your Move team was terrific in assisting to organise the vouchers for the raffle. It was an easy email and the e-vouchers were in my inbox. A quick whip up on Canva had them looking great!

St As had originally scheduled to participate in International Park(ing) Day on Friday the 15th, where we would draw the parent pledges, but with lots of other St As events happening over the last few weeks of Term 3, the Student Team voted to focus their efforts on our upcoming Bike Month event and instead encourage families to leave the car at home for our Open Night in the same week.

At the Open Night our Principal Mrs Coniglio drew the raffle while most of school community were gathered together. This was a great opportunity to showcase the strength in the triad of parents, staff and students in creating a safe active travel culture.

We reiterated the positive messaging with a follow-up facebook post including the words of the winning pledges.

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James (Your Move)

It is wonderful to see how your pledge activity has grown Lindi and how you are 'value adding' by linking it in with the Open Night and sharing the pledges on social media. You have earned 50 points for your pledges this term, 25 for linking AT in with your Open Night though the promos and the raffle and 20 points for your engaging and informative story.

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