Colouring in Competition

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

The Yr 6 your move team at St Augustine's got together to brainstorm some unique ways to celebrate active travel and spend some rewards points in the rewards shop to reward engaged students. We decided that a great way to get the school excited about safe active travel was to hold a colouring in competition.

The student team worked together to divide and delegate the tasks between the members of the team. Some students would find suitable colouring pages and distribute them to the classrooms, some would select prizes from the Rewards Shop, and the rest would judge the entries.

The students decided on Active Travel themed books as the individual rewards as well as a whole class prize for the best class overall where each student in the class would be rewarded with a Your Move Family Activity Book. I placed the order and the books arrived shortly after that.

When it came time to judge the entries, the team had difficulty deciding who would win the prizes as there was such a high quality of colouring within the entries. Although it was tough, they made the call to about the individual prizes (which all happened to be from the junior school!) and awarded the class prize to the Yr 2s. Congratulations Yr 2s!!

Announcing the winners was a surprisingly fun experience too, as the team were allowed to use the PA system to speak to the whole school. After a lot of giggles, the winners were successfully announced and requested to attend the front office to receive their prize.

The announcement of the class prize was met with huge cheers from the Yr 2s which could be heard from the front office!! This gave the your move team an extra thrill of excitement that their activity had been successful.

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James (Your Move)

What fun (everyone is certainly smiling lots 🤣) - I can just imagine the excitement of the team being able to use the PA and the winners rushing to the office. It is great that the winners received AT related books to further enforce to joys of active travel. You have earned 25 points for this competition and 10 points for having a team meeting this term. You have also received 20 points for another engaging and detailed story. See you soon no doubt!

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Thanks James! You’re right, I have plenty more stories coming your way shortly 😁😁

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