Get on Board for our Yr 6 Italian Excursion

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

Our Year 6 class needed to get to the City for their Italian Excursion. The plan was to visit Italian landmarks in the CBD to learn about the history of the Italian community in Perth. Signora Morlotti looked at the options and decided that a charter bus would be too much of a hassle to pick up and drop off to each of the various locations and as an active traveller herself whenever she visits the City, she wondered if she could use public transport for the excursion.

We got in touch with the Transperth Get on Board team and were able to organise a group ticket using their website . The Your Move Team also assisted by covering the cost of the ticket using our Your Move reward shop points. The Get on Board Team helped us plan our journey and organised chaperones to guide us through the train stations.

The class left from school on foot and walked just over 1km to Burswood station where a chaperone was waiting for them. The chaperone assisted them to board the train to Perth City. They had a carriage all to themselves!

When they arrived at Perth Station, another chaperone was waiting to guide them out of the station to the Red Cat stop - they got to use VIP access! They took the Red Cat to St Mary's Cathedral where they stopped for some quiet reflection and searched for our school's plaque.

Back on board the Red Cat they made their way to the Italian Monument for Immigrants on Plain St.

Next they used the free transit within the CBD to catch the bus along St Georges Tce to Town Hall where they were given a guided tour of the precinct by a representative from the City of Perth.

They were able to rest their weary legs on the lawns at Governor's House where they stopped for lunch.

After lunch they used the Blue Cat to get to Northbridge where they enjoyed Gelato to finish off the day. From there it was short walk back to the Perth Train Station where the lovely chaperones were waiting again to put them on the correct train back to Burswood Station. All in all the day comprised of 10km walking. With all the excitement by the end of the day, the students were still bursting with energy. The same can't be said for the parent helpers and staff! šŸ„± Many slept very well that night.

Signora Morlotti sends a special message for the Your Move Team "The year 6 class, parents, and teachers at St Augustineā€™s Primary School, would like to thank you for the wonderful service we received from the ā€œGet on Board programā€. The one-day single ticket made so much easy for all of us. The Transport officers were amazing, assisting us at the Train station in Burswood and Perth, in the morning and afternoon. Our students loved the train ride, cat ride and public transport ride while they were walking around the City of Perth exploring all the culture and History of our city. A truly amazing experience for our students The students had an amazing time."

Signora Morlotti and the other staff involved all agree that this was a great way to travel for an excursion and we will be doing more of this in future. The ability to use our Your Move rewards points is a great bonus also! Thanks to Piotr and the team for your assistance!

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James (Your Move)

What a brilliant use of Transperth for your multi-trip day out Lindi! And it is so good to hear about the VIP treatment the Year 6s received from Transperth. You have earned 25 points for using Transperth for your big day out, 20 bonus 'outstanding' points for just how many trips you did on public transport and another 20 points for your super engaging writeup of the day.

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