Green foot awards in the flesh in Term 2!

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

With the introduction of our Green Foot Awards last term, each assembly presentation so far that the Green Foot was awarded was a virtual assembly. That means that the first time that the whole school, parents and teachers were able to see the Green Foot in the flesh (and by flesh, I mean plastic) was at our first assembly of Term 2.

The Your Move student team ran a hands up survey the day before the assembly to determine which class has had the most active travellers on the way to school. They gave a great explanation to the school and the parents of the reason we run the competition.

This week the Pre-Primary class were the winners. They also happened to be the hosts of the assembly, so as well as a huge on stage celebration, most of their parents were in attendance to celebrate their win with them. They win an extra 10 minutes of play at recess.

The Green Foot award is a great promotion of active travel for the school community. Keeping active travel at the front of mind for parents, students and teachers!

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James (Your Move)

How wonderful for the Green Foot to be out of the virtual world and back to reality 😊! Fantastic that the Pre-Primary class lead the way. You have earned 50 points for continuing your Green Foot Active Travel Rewards this term, 25 points for including AT in your assembly and another 10 points for putting together another engaging story.

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