Kindy class walk to the local post box

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

In Kindy at St Augustine's we have been learning about the community, community workers and what is in our neighbourhood. The class decided that a walk zone activity would fit perfectly with our learning of the neighbourhood and local community. A 5 minute walk zone doesn't get you very far with curious 4 year olds, so we looked around our neighbourhood and identified a post box 1 km away which we could walk to. The students wrote a letter to their mum and dad telling them something that they had been learning in school. They addressed the letters to their home addresses to discuss and learn their own address.

When it came to planning the logistics of the walk, we realised we would need help, and lots of it. We asked our Kindy Parents and were inundated with volunteers who were keen to get out in the fresh air with the students. We prayed for a dry day, and organised a trolley for multiple umbrellas just in case. To keep us on the safest path, we planned to use our local Safe Active Street - Surrey Rd as part of the journey. This was a great way to showcase to the students and parent helpers our local infrastructure promoting safe active travel.

Finally, on Monday 9th August, the day of the excursion arrived. With heavy rain and storms forecast , we were feeling a bit nervous. But the walk went off without a hitch. It was great opportunity to apply the road rules we have been learning about, walk the local streets and get out of the classroom after recent weeks of lunch and recess playtime spent indoors - and the rain held off (at least until we were safely back at school).

Some feedback from Louella in Kindy - The walk was fun because….“My kindy kids came and we got to see snails and a field of yummy sour grass”

Feedback from Parent Helper Amber - “Walking with the Kindy group reminded me of why it’s so important for our little ones (if the weather permits) to ride, walk or scoot to school. It develops a safe awareness of the streets and landmarks in their local community. And equally as important, it connects them with their natural environment (the birds and bugs and those sticks n stones we all bring home) in ways that are just not possible by car.”

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the letters in the mail.

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More feedback from class “Yesterday we walked over to the post box. It was a long walk. We saw a snail on the wall. It was cold and it was supposed to rain but it didn’t. I liked being outside and walking with my mum and friends. It was fun. Can we walk to school tomorrow?” – Allegra, 4 years old.

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During our walk, the kids were excitedly pointing street signs. Luckily, the sun was shining and we talked about how nice it was to be out in the fresh air and sunshine, especially after being stuck inside with all the rain recently. The children barely noticed how far they were walking as they were having such a good time. One parent helper commented that it was furthest her son had ever walked on his own. It was a nice reminder that walking is a great way to get around! - Bianca Parent Helper

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James (Your Move)

What a lovely innovative activity you have created Lindi! I particularly like the idea of having a letter winging it's way home - to prolong the engagement and keep the anticipation up. Your activity could work really well with the "10 Tiny Things" book from our shop . You have earned 25 points for your excursion using active travel, 15 points for your innovation, 20 points for your in-depth and engaging description and 5 points for including the students' comments.

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Lindi, James beat me to it: Ten Tiny Things! Your class would love this gorgeous book, written & illustrated by local WA people. It is an absolute treasure trove of "lessons just waiting!" Parent Amber made some very pertinent observations all of which help to develop a happy individual. Just a lovely read.

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