National Ride 2 School Day 2022

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

National Ride 2 School Day was a a great success at St Augustines this year. Our Year 6 Your Move student team looked the part in their new polos as they handed out stickers and tattoos to bike riding students on arrival.

We had our biggest turn out ever. The Your Move student team counted 54 bikes and scooters - that means that 30% of the students rode or scootered to school! In the afternoon the team conducted a hands up survey and found 77 active travellers all together. They also found that a whopping 23 out of 30 Pre-Primary students (77%) travelled to school with the power of their own feet.

Along with activities and prizes planned by the Yr 6 Your Move Team (to be detailed in other stories), we had an anonymous donation of two brand new helmets and a pad of raffle tickets delivered to the school office. This was a welcome surprise indeed! It was quickly decided that each student who rode their bike or scooter to school was to be given an entry. At recess Mr D drew the winners from the jar. Congratulations to the winners and thank you anonymous donor for your generosity!

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