Pedalling Currency for Bike Month

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

Who doesn't want to get paid to ride their bike?

For Bike Month this year the St Augustine's community were competing for a prize pool of $250 worth of vouchers fro Hi-Way Cycles in Victoria Park.

The rules were simple - ride your bike to school any day in October to earn a raffle ticket. Plus earn a bonus ticket if you can convince Mum, Dad or another family member or friend to join you on their bike too.

We advertised using Facebook, the parents communication app, and the school newsletter. Each morning students would announce whether or not they rode to school, increasing the awareness of the competition within the classrooms. Each day that went past, more and more bikes would arrive at school. By Friday of the second week, our bike racks were overflowing and we needed to re-arrange the space to accommodate the increase in bikes.

When the day came to draw the winners, the excitement was palpable. We had 301 entries over the 14 days of competition (there were quite a few extremely stormy days in October). The entries were placed in a hat and the winners were drawn at assembly on the 5th November.

Although there were many students and teachers who had diligently ridden most days in October, only 3 winners could be drawn. Three deserving students, all from our junior school, won $150, $75 and $25 vouchers. I know that the major prize winner is already eyeing off a new set of wheels, which is very exciting!

Thank you to Westcycle and the Department of Transport for granting the funds to run this event. The school community had a great time celebrating Bike Month. This activity encouraged some participants to ride to school for the very first time!! That is what Bike Month is all about!!

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James (Your Move)

This looks like a really well thought through challenge Lindi, and it seems like you really made very good use on the $250 grant. I particularly like how the student announcements each morning stimulated a bit of positive competition. You have earned 40 points by using this challenge to get involved in Bike Month, 25 points for including Your Move in an assembly and 20 points for sharing so much info!

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