On 23rd March 2018, St Augustine students rode to school to participate in National Ride2School day. This year the event was combined with a Mini Vinnies fundraiser and students were asked to dress up as their favourite superhero and also dress up their bike to match the theme. It was great to see everyone enthusiastically participating. There was also a raffle. All people who didn’t drive to school had a chance to participate in a raffle. Eight lucky children won some really cool water bottles or a hat.

The City of Belmont once again donated breakfast and the Year 6 Your Move team greeted kids at the gate with stickers. The event resulted in a 162% increase in cycling and a 44% increase in walking compared to the February hands up survey. There was a 42% decrease in driving.

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James (Your Move)

Your breakfast, raffle and dressup event earnt you more bonus points (the R2SD event itself got you points in your last story)! Thanks for all the details.

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