Slow and Steady Winners are Grinners

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

On National Ride to School Day, our Your Move Student Team selected and organised so many great activities from the activity planner, that the Champion is having trouble keeping up with all the stories! As well as the colouring in, the dress up your bike and the breakfast event, the super energetic team were able to organise a Slow Bike Race as well.

As with all of our activities this year, we had to do things a little bit differently due to Covid. Usually the whole school gathers to watch the slow bike race, with heats and finals declaring the winner. But this year we could only have one year level mixing together at a time. Mr D decided that we could have one class spectate while the other class rode.

The student team came up with an inventive way to be inclusive of scooters in the slow race. Scooters were required to get across the court with the LEAST amount of pushes. Prizes were awarded for each year level for both the slowest bike and the least pushed scooter. We had plenty of prizes that were funded by the 99 Bikes Voucher purchased through the your move store.

There were some great 'track stands' going on between some of our older classes, sending the crowd wild! But eventually one has to topple for the other to reign victorious.

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James (Your Move)

Another great addition to the NR2SD portfolio 😊! I like that little tweak to make it more inclusive for scooter riders. So far you have earned 306 points for all the element associated with NR2SD and I'm sorry to say that you have officially maxed it out 😣! What this means is that I can't give you any more extra points for this story - but you still keep the 16 points for posting and for the photos 😉. Have a wonderful Easter and see you in Term 2!

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