Student Team Set the Scene

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

In the lead up to National Walk to School Day our Your Move student team visited each class to promote the benefits of walking to school. In their visit they read from the book '10 Tiny Things' by Meg McKinlay and Kyle Hughes-Odgers which was inspired by the "Class Collage" activity and related resource. We we had purchased a copy of the book from the Rewards Shop last year for our Kindy library, but couldn't locate it when we went looking. It must be a popular choice as it was also sold out on the Rewards Shop. Luckily I was able to borrow a copy from the local public library in Belmont.

The story is about a family who drive their car to school each day, they love the comfort and convenience of the car. One day their car breaks down and they have to walk to school. They find that walking to school is actually fun and on their way they find trinkets (10 Tiny Things). When their car is fixed and they start using it again for their commute, they realise that they miss their 10 Tiny Things and they actually prefer the other benefits of walking to school too.

After reading the story, the student team announced their artwork competition for National Walk to School Day. "Collect Tiny Things on your walk to school to create an artwork on arrival". The team used a script that they had planned earlier so that they didn't miss any communications as they went from class to class.

EJ in Yr 4 said: "The story made me want to walk to school and find tiny things like Tessa and Zachary and not use a car so often because walking is good for you."

Susannah in Yr 2 said: "I liked the pictures in the book, especially the shiny shells. It made me want to collect things on my way to school. On my way to school I collected wooden clam things. Walking is fun because you can collect leaves that look like umbrellas."

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James (Your Move)

Another winner of an activity Lindi! This is so simple, but by being delivered by the student team this extension of the collage activity is bound to be so much more engaging for the audience. Judging by EJ and Susannah's comments it was very effective too! Your team have earned 40 points for their engagement of the classes and you have earned 25 points for clearly explaining how it all worked and for sharing the students' perspectives.

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