Treasure Island 2.0 (23)

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

After a successful Bike Month event in 2022, St Augustine’s applied for another Bike Month grant in 2023 to host an event on Kuljak Island in Ascot.

We applied for additional funding this time, knowing that we struggled with the budget last year after realising that there are no toilets on the island and that we needed to hire a portaloo. We were successful in our request for a local grant worth $2000.

The student team brainstormed ideas on how else to make this years event better than last years. As well as some small tweaks to the treasure hunt and refreshments, they requested that the Bike Ed provider who delivered SuperBoost, Cyclesense assist with bike games and obstacle courses. I contacted Chris and they are booked in and ready to roll.

We’ve returned our agreement, lodged a permit to use the land and placed an advert in the local paper. We’re looking forward to a great October!

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James (Your Move)

So exciting 😄! Great to hear that your application was accepted and that you have some tweaks to make it even better this year. It sounds like the team and school community are raring to go. You have earned 20 points for applying for this grant and 10 points for your story details.

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