Yr 6 Camp Bike Ride

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

After the success that we had with our students by bringing Bike Education to Year 6 camp at Point Walter last year, it was a no brainer to do it again this year. Funding the sessions by using our rewards points meant that the camp budget could spread further too!

As we already had an established relationship, location and expectations from last year, organising the session with Poitr from the Your Move team and Chris from CycleSense was a piece of cake. From the first email request that was sent to Poitr at 9:30am, the 2 sessions were booked and secured by 3:30pm the same day.

Out of all of the activities at camp, the bike sessions were a big hit. They provided an exciting and memorable experience for the students. The opportunity to cycle through scenic areas along the Derbal Yerrigan and tackle challenging hills near Blackwall Reach kept the ride both physically and mentally stimulating for the students.

The route took the students on varying surfaces to develop the different skills required for each terrain type. When riding on the road, the students were explained the rules of each of the different types of intersections that they encountered. This helped develop safety and awareness on the bike. The ride also allowed students to bond with their peers and teachers while enjoying the outdoors and getting some exercise.

Both groups rode nearly 10km with some very steep inclines, which was a significant accomplishment for many students. It required them to push themselves outside of their comfort zones. The hills also provided an opportunity for students to develop their cycling skills, such as pacing themselves, shifting gears appropriately, and maintaining balance. Kent Street Hill tested the student’s agility. Alia and Tory demonstrated exceptional skill and technique while ascending the steep incline and were crowned the 'Champions of Kent St'.

Chris and Steve from CycleSense were great because they were knowledgeable, patient, and approachable. They provided clear instructions and guidance throughout the rides, ensuring that students felt safe and confident on their bikes.

As this was a challenging ride for many of our students, there were plenty of jelly legs at the end. Despite this, students felt a sense of pride and accomplishment for completing the ride, and many felt motivated to cycle longer distances more often for fun and exercise.

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James (Your Move)

It is so good to hear how everything rolled (excuse the pun 😉) out so smoothly second time round Lindi. What a great addition Bike Ed is to a school camp! You have earned 80 points for organising this and 20 points for your (as always!) engaging and informative recount of the activity.

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