Wednesday, 28 November 2018 at 09:30 AM


Department of Transport
140 William Street, Perth WA

Car and Ride Sharing - Transforming How We Get Around

Car and ride sharing could transform the way we get around. Digital technology and new business models now make sharing easier for more people.  Have you tried carpooling schemes and found that they didn’t take off? Could car sharing reduce your organisation's transport costs?

Find out what has changed and hear some examples that are working at the next Your Move forum.

Join in the forum to:

  • Discover more about shared mobility and where it is taking us

  • Learn about experiences with car and ride sharing and examples that work including Liftango

  • Discuss what car and ride sharing could offer our communities and how it could support active transport

  • Network with Your Move champions to supercharge your efforts to support active and sustainable transport.


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